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Library Overview

Oxygen's design library contains a wide range of page sections, complete pages, and complete websites.

Design Sets

Design Sets are groups of components and pages that have a similar style.

Design Sets include:

  • Components – sections and elements of pages designed to lay out a specific type of content. Headers, showcase, pricing, social proof, and call to actions are some examples of components.
  • Pages – complete sets of components, which are combined and customized to create a ready-made page - for example, a homepage, contact page, product tour page, and more.
  • Demo Websites – real-world websites built with the components in the Design Set.

Adding Sections & Elements To Your Pages

From inside Oxygen, go to +Add -> Library -> Design Sets. Choose a Design Set, and then browse to Sections & Elements.

Click an element to add it to your page.

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Installing A Complete Website From The Library

Go to Oxygen -> Home in the WordPress admin panel. Then click Install a Website in the Oxygen Design Library box.

Choose a website to install, and then click Install to install it.

Loading A Complete Page Design

From inside Oxygen, go to +Add -> Library -> Design Sets. Choose a Design Set, and then browse to Pages.

Click a page to add all of its contents to your design.

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