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Embedding Plugins

You can use Oxygen with most WordPress plugins. In general, they will behave just as they do when using them with a normal WordPress theme.

Some plugins generate output that you would like to insert into your page. You may display this output using a Shortcode, Widget, or Code Block.


Many plugins can be embedded into a page using a shortcode.

Shortcodes are commonly used to embed contact forms, event calendars, elaborate sliders, pricing grids, and more.

To display some content via shortcode, click +Add > WordPress > Shortcode.

The copy and paste the plugin's shortcode into the the Full shortcode field in Oxygen.

To wrap elements designed in Oxygen with a shortcode, use the Shortcode Wrapper element.

WordPress Widgets

To add a widget to the page created with Oxygen, click +Add > WordPress > Widget and choose the one you need from the list. Though they are usually used in sidebars, in Oxygen you may add these elements anywhere on the page.

In general, you can edit widgets settings inside Oxygen. However, some widgets make use of elaborate JavaScript and other functionality which will not run inside the Oxygen editor. These widgets must be edited in the WordPress admin panel.

Code Block

Using a Code Block element, you can write the PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript code necessary to display your dynamic content. This code could contain the WordPress loop, calls to get_post_meta, or any other WordPress API functions. The code added with Code Block element behaves just as if you wrote it in a standard WordPress template file.

To add a Code Block, click +Add > Basics > Code Block.

Last modified: June 19, 2020
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