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Which theme should I use with Oxygen?

Oxygen completely disables the theme system, so it doesn't matter which theme you use. Nothing from the theme will be loaded when Oxygen is active.

How do I update Oxygen to the latest version?

If the auto-update option isn't working on your site, please try re-saving your license key via Oxygen > Settings > License. If the auto-update still isn't working then you can upgrade manually by following these steps:

  • Take a full backup of your site
  • Deactivate & delete Oxygen
  • Download the latest version from the customer portal
  • Install it via the Plugins page on your site
How do I fix this white gap on mobile devices?

The white gap on mobile is usually caused by one or more of your elements having a fixed width or a too large font size. The element will likely display the full-width of the mobile screen, which means that your other elements will be scaled to fit in the remaining space. Scroll down your page on mobile and look for any elements that are sitting in the white gap.

You will need to locate the same element in the builder and set a smaller width or font on mobile.

Why doesn't the front end of my site match the preview?
This is most likely caused by a caching plugin or your browser cache. Please clear the cache in any caching plugins and clear your browser cache.
Is there an affiliate program?

We don't have an affiliate program.

Do you offer any discounts for non-profits, students, etc?

Unfortunately we do not offer any discounts. If you have special circumstances, feel free to contact us anyways.

Where can I find Oxygen's roadmap?

We don't publish a roadmap. Features are announced once they're ready for testing.

Can I upgrade my package?

Yes! Visit the customer portal to view & purchase available upgrades.

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