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Page Width

Default Page Width For Entire Site

When Oxygen is first installed, the default page width is set to 1120px.

This can be changed from Manage > Settings > Global Styles > Width & Breakpoints.

All pages on your website will use this width, unless a custom width is specified for that specific page or the template used to render it.

Custom Page Width On a Specific Page or Template

To override the global page width on a specific page or template, go to Manage > Settings > Page Settings and specify the Page Width.

This page width will only affect the page or template you are currently editing.

How Page Width Works

Your page width setting controls the container width of Sections and Header Builder. Any content placed inside Sections and Header Builders will be contained in a rectangle no wider than the page width.

When a Section or Header Builder is rendered, Oxygen determines the width to use as follows:

  1. Is a custom container width set for the specific element being rendered? If so, use this custom width.
  2. If not, is a custom width set at Manage > Settings > Page Settings for the template or specific page rendering the content? If so, use this width.
  3. If not, use the global page width set at Manage > Settings > Global Settings > Page Width.

Last modified: June 19, 2020
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