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WooCommerce Template Overrides

Sometimes, deeper customizations in the way WooCommerce products and content are displayed require template overrides. This is normally done via template files in your theme folder, but since Oxygen disables the theme system, we've added a special WooCommerce override template path to allow template overrides.

First, create this path in the wp-content folder on your site: /oxywoocotemplates/woocommerce/

You can now follow the normal WooCommerce instructions at for overriding templates by adding them (using the exact path WooCo indicates) in the wp-content/oxywoocotemplates/woocommerce/ folder.

Please note that files located in the root /woocommerce/ folder will not work with this setup. You will instead need to add an additional filter that properly targets the template. For example, if you're modifying the archive-product.php template, you will want to use a filter such as: 

For another example, if you are modifying the single-product-reviews.php template, the filter may look like this:

Last modified: January 31, 2024
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