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Right-Click Context Menu

Oxygen includes a right-click context menu that can be opened by clicking on any element within the Preview Window or Structure Pane.

The context menu includes the following options:

  • Copy - Copy the selected element
  • Paste - Paste the previously copied element
  • Duplicate - Duplicate the selected element on the page
  • Delete -  Delete the currently selected element
  • Rename - Change the element's name
  • Export - Export the selected element's JSON. This is useful if you are importing the element into another website using the cross-copy feature.
  • Conditions - Open Display Conditions for the selected element
  • Hide - Hides the selected element in the builder (not on the front end)
  • Make Re-Usable - Turns the selected element into a Reusable element.
  • Wrap with div - Place a Div container around the selected element.
Last modified: June 20, 2024
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