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Selector Detector

Selector Detector is an advanced utility tool that helps you to detect CSS selectors for HTML output displayed inside Oxygen. It is most commonly used to create styles for plugin output like contact forms inside of Oxygen.

Selector Detector is available for Widgets, Shortcodes, Code Blocks, and some other Oxygen elements that output nested HTML.

Enabling Selector Detector

Selector Detector must be enabled before it can be used. To enable it, from the WordPress admin panel, go to Oxygen -> Settings and check the Enable Selector Detector checkbox.

Detecting CSS Selectors

To find a selector using the Selector Detector, click the Widget, ShortcodeCode Block or other element you wish to detect selectors for. If Selector Detector is available for this element, a Style Output button will appear at the bottom of the left panel.

Click Style Output, then click any content inside of the active element to detect selectors for it.

Last modified: June 18, 2020
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