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Complete Element Reference

Section, Columns, Div

+Add -> Basics -> Containers

Create page structure and layout.

Further Reading: Layout & SpacingBasic Elements

Heading, Text, Rich Text

+Add -> Basics -> Text

Further Reading: Basic Elements

Text Link, Link Wrapper, Button

+Add -> Basics -> Links

Further Reading: Basic Elements

Image, Video, Icon

+Add -> Basics -> Visual

Further Reading: Basic Elements

Code Block

+Add -> Basics -> Other

Further Reading: Basic ElementsPHP & HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Inner Content

+Add -> Basics -> Other

Only available for templates; displays the content of the item the template is applied to.

Further Reading: Templating


+Add -> Helpers -> Slider

Further Reading: Slider

Google Maps

+Add -> Helpers -> Google Maps

Further Reading: Google Maps

Social Icons

+Add -> Helpers -> Social Icons

Further Reading: Social Icons


+Add -> Helpers -> SoundCloud

Further Reading: SoundCloud

Easy Posts

+Add -> Helpers -> Easy Posts

Simple and flexible way to display posts, pages, or any custom post type in a list, grid, and masonry.

Further Reading: Easy PostsTemplating


+Add -> Helpers -> Gallery

Further Reading: Gallery


+Add -> Helpers -> Testimonial

Further Reading: Testimonial

Icon Box

+Add -> Helpers -> Icon Box

Further Reading: Icon Box

Progress Bar

+Add -> Helpers -> Progress Bar

Further Reading: Progress Bar

Pricing Box

+Add -> Helpers -> Pricing Box

Further Reading: Pricing Box


+Add -> Helpers -> Tabs

Associate content with multiple tabs, hiding all content but that associated with the active tab.

Further Reading: Tabs


+Add -> Helpers -> Toggle

Hide and show any content with a clickable toggle.

Further Reading: Toggle


+Add -> Helpers -> Superbox

Two slides of content, with animation options on hover.

Further Reading: Superbox

Header Builder

+Add -> Helpers -> Header Builder

Easily create responsive, sticky, multi-row headers.

Further Reading: Header Builder


+Add -> WordPress -> Shortcode

Display the output of a shortcode in Oxygen.

Further Reading: Embedding Plugins

Shortcode Wrapper

+Add -> WordPress -> Shortcode Wrapper

Place Oxygen elements between the opening and closing tags of a shortcode.

Further Reading: Shortcode Wrapper


+Add -> WordPress -> Menu

Displays a responsive WordPress menu with various styling options.

Further Reading: Menu


+Add -> WordPress -> Widgets

Embed WordPress widgets in Oxygen.

Further Reading: Widgets

Dynamic Data Elements

+Add -> WordPress -> Dynamic Data

Various elements for embedding dynamic data like post title, content, featured image, and more in your pages.

Further Reading: Dynamic Data


+Add -> WordPress -> Sidebars

Display the contents of a WordPress API sidebar in Oxygen.

Further Reading: Widgets

Comments List

+Add -> WordPress -> Comments List

Display the comments made on this post.

Further Reading: Comments List

Comment Form

+Add -> WordPress -> Comment Form

Display a form to leave a comment on this post.

Further Reading: Comment Form

Login Form

+Add -> WordPress -> Login Form

Display a login form.

Further Reading: Login Form

Search Form

+Add -> WordPress -> Search Form

Display a search form.

Further Reading: Search Form

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