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Related Products


The Related Products element shows products selected by WooCommerce based on similar taxonomies.  Add the Related Products element to the Product Builder by clicking +Add -> WooCommerce -> Related Products.


Change how the text is aligned and select the number of columns.


Style the title typography.

Sales Badge

If any of your cross-sells are on sale, style the "sale" badge.


  • Borders - style the image borders.
  • Box Shadow - add a box shadow to the image.


Style the link typography.


If your product cross-sells have ratings, style the rating stars.


  • Current Price - Use this tab to style the price typography.
  • Strikethrough Price - Use this tab to style the strikethrough price if the product is on sale.

Main Buttons

Set the padding, background color and hover color.

  • Typography - style the button typography.
  • Hover Typography - style the hover typography.
  • Borders - style the button borders.
  • Hover Borders - style the button border on hover.
  • Shadow - style the button shadow.
  • Hover Shadow - style the button shadow on hover

View Cart Buttons

What does this do??


The Related Products element must be used within the Product Builder element.

Last modified: June 27, 2020
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