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Multilingual with WPML, Polylang or Weglot

Oxygen has rudimentary support for WPML, Polylang and Weglot.

This is not an official feature of Oxygen and no support will be provided via official support channels.

Note that the Oxygen and WPML teams have been in contact and are jointly investigating official compatibility. This does not mean that WPML compatibility is planned or guaranteed at this time.

Information on translating content created in Oxygen can be found on WPML's website.

Caveats that we're aware of:

Template translation doesn't work for logged out users. As such, you will need to use one template, duplicate your content, translate it within the same template and then use Conditions to show/hide the content based on the language string in the URL.

You can find the Condition code for WPML here and for Polylang here. If those links stop working, the code from both tutorials and code for Weglot can be found in the Gist hereNote that these code snippets are provided as a courtesy, as-is, and we will NOT provide support related to this custom code. Use at your own discretion.

Translation plugins usually prevent you from being able to save changes to Reusable parts.

Please report issues on GitHub.

Last modified: August 21, 2023
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