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Posted on November 24, 2023

Exporting WooCommerce Orders with WP All Export: Full Review

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When shopping for a plugin to export WooCommerce orders, your #1 concern should be the plugin's ability to handle every possible order export scenario. Why? Because you may have to send your order data to different types of recipients, including:

  • Accounting or reporting systems
  • 3rd-party marketing platforms, including email marketing applications
  • 3rd-party fulfillment or shipping centers

Naturally, these different recipients may have different requirements. If your plugin can't handle one of those requirements, you'll have to switch to a different plugin and start all over again. That's a huge waste of time.

In this article, we'll identify all the possible tasks needed to export WooCommerce orders and check whether WP All Export can fulfill those tasks!

Table of Contents

Filtering Order Export Data

Not every recipient of your WooCommerce order data is interested in all of your orders. Some may only want new or recent orders. Others may only want orders for certain products or those destined for specific geographic regions.

Fortunately, WP All Export makes it easy for you to export the exact WooCommerce orders that you want. To create a filter rule, you just have to set three values: an element, a rule, and a value:

Exporting Woocommerce Orders - Filtering Order Export Data

In this example, we're requesting all orders that have an Order Date => 01/01/2018.

You can also combine filter rules using the AND or OR operator:

Exporting Woocommerce Orders - Compound Order Filters

That's pretty straightforward, and most plugins with an export filter can do that. What really separates WP All Export is its ability to nest filter conditions simply by indenting them:

Exporting Woocommerce Orders - Nested Order Filters

In this example, we're asking to export all orders with an Order Total between 25 and 50 OR those with an Order Status = "wc-pending" and an Order Total greater than 50.

That's incredibly powerful and will basically let you create any kind of filter imaginable. WP All Export gets an A+ here.

Creating Your Order Export Columns

WooCommerce maintains a lot of data fields for each order. Most recipients of order data only want a subset of those fields. If you have two recipients, they'll likely want different subsets. They may even want custom fields.

WP All Export solves this issue with a very intuitive interface. To start with, it lets you drag and drop any of the existing order fields into its column selection area:

Exporting Woocommerce Orders - Drag and Drop

You can then move these columns around in any order you see fit using the same drag-and-drop feature.

Don't like the name of a column? For example, do you want to rename an Order Total column to "Amount" instead?

All you have to do is click the column and type in a new name:

Exporting Woocommerce Orders - Changing Field Names

Need to combine data fields into one column? For example, would you like to merge the first name and last name into a single "Name" column? Just click Custom export field and do exactly that:

Exporting Woocommerce Orders - Custom Fields

Need to modify the data contained in a field? You can use a PHP function in the Custom export field, such as this one used to delete any commas in the Title field:

There are scores of these functions available for all different data types to use as you see fit.

Not powerful enough for you? How about building your own custom function and using it instead:

Exporting Woocommerce Orders - Embedded PHP Functions

This gives you almost unlimited power to modify data.

The point is that WP All Export lets you select, rearrange, rename, combine, split, and modify your order data columns until your heart is content. This means you can meet the export requests of any intended recipient of your order data, no matter how complex.

Orders don't just consist of order data. They're actually connected to a number of other data tables, each with its own set of fields. Fortunately, WP All Export knows this and makes all those related tables available to you. It even organizes them for you in the Drag-and-Drop interface:

Exporting Woocommerce Orders - Order Related Data

You are free to drag and drop from any of these tables, mixing and matching fields as you see fit:

Exporting Woocommerce Orders - Mixing Data Fields From Different Tables

If data is connected to WooCommerce orders in any way, it's available for you to export. This includes custom fields, whether they've been created independently through a tool like Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) or as part of some other WooCommerce add-on.

Exporting Orders Using Different File Formats and Delivery Mechanisms

WP All Export can export WooCommerce orders in CSV, Excel (.xls and .xlsx), and XML. It can also make your export data available via a secure URL, which remains valid even if you re-run your export.

With respect to XML, this plugin lets you create both simple and custom XML feeds, giving you complete flexibility in building your XML export document:

Exporting Woocommerce Orders - Custom XML Editor

In the first red box (going from top to bottom), we've changed the element name from Billing First Name to FirstName.

In the second red box, we've added quantity as an attribute to the Weight element.

In the third red box, we've called the output_shipping PHP function to help us populate the ShippingMethod element based on weight.

This kind of flexibility ensures that you can fulfill the requirements of any XML specification.

Scheduling Your WooCommerce Order Exports

WP All Export gives you complete control over scheduling. You can do this automatically through their paid service:

Exporting Woocommerce Orders - Scheduling Order Exports

In this example, we're scheduling an order export to run at 2:00 a.m. every Tuesday.

Alternatively, you can schedule an export manually using cron jobs on your server:

Exporting Woocommerce Orders - Manual Scheduling

This looks complicated, but WP All Export offers complete documentation.

Either way, this plugin fully addresses all scheduling needs.

Integrating Your Order Exports with Other Applications

One of the unique things about WP All Export is its ability to integrate with thousands of external applications via Zapier. This means your order export can automatically trigger a process to send the resulting export file to an external application for further processing or other actions.

This process is relatively simple but involves many steps, so instead of walking you through it here, we present this video made specifically on the topic:

Exporting WooCommerce Orders in Real Time

Sometimes, you may need to export your WooCommerce orders in real time, i.e., one by one, as they occur. A common use case for this feature is when you are sending each order to a 3rd-party fulfillment company.

Activating this feature in WP All Export is as simple as clicking a single option:

Exporting Woocommerce Orders - Real Time Order Exports

Letting Clients Run Order Exports

If you're an agency or otherwise have reasons to delegate the execution of an order export to someone who is not a WordPress administrator, you can also achieve this with a single setting:

Exporting Woocommerce Orders - Client Mode

All you have to do then is grant Client Mode access to the appropriate user role:

Client Mode Roles

Anyone assigned to that role will then have access to the specific order export in question.

Why is this important? As demonstrated earlier in this article, WP All Export allows the creators of order exports to write PHP code. This requires Administrator access because that same code could be used to undermine a system.

By using Client Mode to separate the ability to run an order export from the ability to create one, WP All Export gives you added operational flexibility without compromising site security.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

WP All Export and WP All Import are well-known and well-respected throughout the WordPress and WooCommerce landscape, which is not surprising given that they have been handling data export, import, migration, and bulk editing since 2011.

According to, WP All Export has more than 90,000 active installations and 367 reviews, with an average rating of more than 4.5 stars out of 5.

If you read the review details on that site, you will see the same recurring themes of high-quality and great support:

WP All Export Reviews

Given this, we have no concerns about recommending this plugin.

Exporting WooCommerce Orders with WP All Export — Wrap-Up

We have examined WordPress and WooCommerce import/export plugins of all varieties, and we can confidently say that WP All Export is "best of breed." It addresses all the tasks required for WooCommerce order exports and seems to do an extraordinary job of executing these tasks.

We are especially impressed with this plugin's thorough approach to data filtering, customizing the export file, scheduling, and integration with 3rd-party applications. Its extraordinary ability to modify data on the fly alone separates it from all of its competitors.

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