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Posted on December 23, 2023

The 5 Best WooCommerce Order Export Plugins

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For WooCommerce store owners, having the ability to export orders can be important for several reasons, including bookkeeping, sales analysis, and supporting 3rd-party fulfillment or shipping services. Having an accurate and efficient order export process is vital to any of these tasks.

Enter WooCommerce order export plugins — tools designed specifically to manage the order export process. Below, we review the five best plugins in 2024 that make exporting WooCommerce orders a breeze.

1. WP All Export

WooCommerce Order Export Plugin WP All Export

For store owners searching for a complete solution, WP All Export is our top choice. This plugin doesn’t just export WooCommece orders. It exports all types of WooCommerce and WordPress data. Better still, it uses the same intuitive drag-and-drop interface regardless of what you’re exporting, meaning you only have to learn one process for all your export needs.

Throw in advanced filters, support for leading plugins and custom data fields, scheduling, integration with external apps, and the ability to customize every aspect of your support down to the smallest details, and you quickly understand why this plugin is so popular among professional WooCommerce store owners.

Finally, when paired with its equally-capable sister product — WP All Import — you can do just as much on the import side as you can on the export side. In fact, you can do more. You can export orders with WP All Export, bulk edit them, and then use WP All Import to automatically bring the changed orders back into WooCommerce without the need to configure anything. Or you can use the two plugins to handle a complete order migration with ease.

Of course, if all you need is a quick, simple, one-time export of WooCommerce orders, this is probably overkill.

For more information, see Export WooCommerce Orders to CSV, Excel, and XML.

2. Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce by AlgolPlus

WooCommerce Order Export Plugin Advanced Order Export

Widely regarded as the best free order export plugin, Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce lets you choose the export columns, reorder and rename them, and apply order filters. In addition to the main order fields, it also allows you to export custom fields, custom taxonomies, and product attributes. It supports a diverse set of export file formats, including CSV, XML, XLS, TSV, and JSON. And if you opt for the premium version of the plugin, you can even automate your order exports.

The drawback of this plugin is that it requires a bit of a learning curve, and if you later need to export other WooCommerce or WordPress data types, you’ll have to start all over again with a different export plugin.

To learn more, see Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce.

3. WooCommerce Customer / Order / Coupon Export by SkyVerge

WooCommerce Order Export Plugin Customer Order Coupon Export by SkyVerge

This plugin is another made-for-task tool, in this case, to export customers, orders, coupons, or any combination of those three.

It offers similar capabilities to the Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce plugin in that you can exercise good control over export layouts, handle custom fields, and automatically schedule your exports, including sending them via email, FTP, or HTTP POST. If you’re trying to tackle a big order export, it also lets you process export data asynchronously so you don’t slow down your workstation.

Whether you choose this plugin over the Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce plugin really boils down to how well it fits your objectives.

Unfortunately, both plugins have the exact same problem: if you need to export a data type that they don’t handle, you’ll find yourself going back to the plugin well, and having to use a bunch of piecemeal solutions for similar tasks can get messy.

For more information, see WooCommerce Customer / Order / Coupon Export.

4. Order Export & Order Import for WooCommerce by Webtoffee

WooCommerce Order Export and Import by Webtoffee

This is another excellent order export plugin that also happens to have order import capabilities. In many respects, it is similar to the combination of WP All Export and WP All Import, and not just for WooCommerce orders. When combined with its sister plugins or Webtoffee’s Import Export Suite For WooCommerce, you can import and export pretty much all WooCommerce data types, including the use of filters, scheduling, and the ability to handle multiple file formats. 

The problem with this plugin is that it’s almost WP All Export/Import, but not quite. It doesn’t offer the same ability to modify data on the fly using embedded PHP or the ability to automatically integrate with thousands of external applications using Zapier. Just as importantly, it doesn’t handle all WordPress (i.e., non-WooCommerce) data types the way that WP All Export/Import does, which poses the question: if you’re going to go beyond the less expensive, fit-for-task products like Advanced Order Export or Skyverge’s plugin, why not go all the way? Why put yourself in a situation where you might have to buy two heavy-duty export/import plugins?

We don’t have a good answer to that question.

To learn more, see Order Export & Order Import for WooCommerce.

5. Order Export for WooCommerce by JEM Plugins 

Order Export for WooCommerce by JEM Plugins

Compared to the other plugins in this list, this plugin is a model of simplicity. True, the free version pretty much sticks to the basics of order export. You can only output your orders in either CSV or Excel formats. There’s no easy way to modify your data on the fly, run it on a schedule, or automatically integrate it with external apps.

However, on the plus side, the plugin is easy to install and configure. It offers a simple user interface that requires very little training. You can apply simple filters if needed. And you can download your order data with a single click.

This is the type of plugin you should choose if you require a simple, one-time order export without paying anything. If your order export needs grow beyond this, you should consider one of the other four plugins on this list.

For additional information, see Order Export for WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Order Export Plugins — Wrap-Up

Choosing the right WooCommerce order export plugin can be hard when you’re staring at lists of 5, 6, or even 10 possible options. But it doesn’t have to be. The key is to clearly define your needs.

When it comes to exporting WooCommerce orders, if you want a complete, professional toolset that you don’t want to have to replace later because you’ve run into a new requirement, then don’t skimp. Sign up for one of WP All Export’s packages and put the question of what you use to export data behind you once and for all.

On the other hand, if you’re just trying to dump some order data into a spreadsheet to play with it, and you don’t really care about advanced export features, then go for a free plugin and live with its shortcuts.

It’s the in-between situations that complicate things, i.e., where you have a short-term requirement that is quite specific. Here, the best advice we can give you is to write down the three or four things that really matter for your order export, then use those as your shopping list for plugin features.

Hopefully, this article has at least started you in the right direction.

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