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Posted on December 7, 2020

Oxygen 3.7 Alpha 1 Now Available

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Today we're proud to announce the availability of the first alpha of Oxygen 3.7.

Oxygen 3.7 introduces CSS grid controls for containers, Easy Posts, and Repeaters. It also introduces the new Composite Elements library.

CSS Grid

In Oxygen 3.7, you'll find a new grid layout option in addition to horizontal and vertical on containers like Divs and Sections. For Easy Posts and Repeaters, you'll find a new grid Layout control section in the Primary tab of the Properties Pane.

With CSS grid, you can achieve impressive grid-based layouts that aren't feasible with Flexbox alone.

To use grid, choose the grid layout option and then configure your grid options via Oxygen's controls.

You can also control the column span and row span of individual children within a grid layout container by selecting the representation of a given grid child and changing its column span and row span values.

CSS grid has a number of configuration options, many of which are exposed in Oxygen's GUI. A great way to better understand how CSS grid works can be found at While you don't need to know how to write grid CSS to use Oxygen's grid layout option, it's a great idea to get familiar with the fundamentals of how CSS grid works to help you make better use of Oxygen's grid layout controls.

We have also included 5 new CSS Grid presets for the Easy Posts element.

Composite Elements Library

The Composite Elements library gives users quick access to elements that are built from a combination of Oxygen's basic elements. Some of these elements use Code Blocks for more advanced functionality. All individual components of a Composite Element can be edited fully using Oxygen's normal controls after the element is added to your design.

There are 17 Composite Elements available currently.

  1. Accordion
  2. Back To Top
  3. Dashboard Tabs
  4. Dynamic Slider
  5. Flip Box
  6. Horizontal Divider
  7. Icon Button
  8. Icon List
  9. Image Comparison
  10. Mega Menu
  11. Number Counter
  12. Circular Counter
  13. Review Box
  14. Hover Scroll Image
  15. Section Indicator
  16. Switcher
  17. Table of Contents

Composite Elements can be identified in the +Add menu by the presence of the Oxygen icon in the top left corner.

You can learn more about these elements at More elements are already in development and will be added to this library over time.

Note that during the alpha phase, the Composite Elements library will be available for everyone. When 3.7 RC 1 is released, only those with an Agency license (or equivalent) purchased before the date of the release of 3.7 RC 1 will have access to the Composite Elements library. When Oxygen 3.7 final is released, the Composite Elements library will be a separate purchase for all new customers.

Existing users can download Oxygen 3.7 alpha 1 from the customer portal.

Please note that alpha and beta releases of Oxygen should not be used on production sites. We do not provide official support for alpha or beta versions of Oxygen. If you encounter bugs, please report them on GitHub.

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