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What's new in Oxygen 4.2?

Introducing unwrapped Code Blocks and auto unit swapping.

In This Release

Unwrap Code Block PHP & HTML
Automatic Unit Swapping
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"I want to tell everyone: Oxygen has the BEST support I've ever encountered. Truly amazing."
Lisa Norman

Unwrap Code Block PHP


Wrapper-Free Code

Use a simple checkbox to unwrap your Code Block PHP & HTML on the front-end, enabling you to output raw PHP & HTML with no arbitrary wrappers.

Automatic Unit Detection

Type To Swap

Faster Workflow

Avoid tons of clicks by simply typing the unit you want to use. Any unit available in the field is fair game: %, vh, vw, rem, em, px, and more.
"Oxygen is the best tool I've ever used to build websites."
Albert Nurick

The Changelog

New: Added option to unwrap Code Block PHP & HTML on the front-end
New: Added auto-unit selection based on typed unit names in fields with multiple units

Fix: Corrected issue that resulted in the wrong data being returned when fetching user/author fields via Dynamic Data (#4743)
Fix: Appearance > Customize should remain available even when using a block-based theme (#4742)
Fix: Social Icons element should now be visible in the builder preview (#4736)

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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have Oxygen. How do I get 4.2?

Login to your account to download 4.2 at, or upgrade with one click in your WordPress admin panel.

Can I use Oxygen on my clients' websites?

100% yes. They do not need to buy their own license.

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