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Posted on July 20, 2019

Oxygen 3.0 Alpha 2 Now Available

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Today, we are proud to announce the release of Oxygen 3.0 Alpha 2.

Oxygen 3.0 Alpha 2 includes further polish for new features as well as a few bug fixes for issues that were present in previous versions of Oxygen.

To learn more about the new features introduced in Oxygen 3.0, check out the 3.0 Alpha 1 release blog post.

Existing customers can download 3.0 Alpha 2 in the customer portal.

Please note that Alpha and Beta releases of Oxygen should not be used on production sites. We do not provide official support for Alpha or Beta versions of Oxygen. If you encounter bugs, please report them on GitHub.

Below is a mostly complete changelog of the changes made between Oxygen 3.0 Alpha 1 and Oxygen 3.0 Alpha 2. This does not include any changes made between Oxygen 2.4/2.4.1 and Oxygen 3.0 Alpha 1. A full changelog will be published when Oxygen 3.0 final is released.

Fix: Corrected "cannot read property 'length' of undefined" error when editing some elements
Fix: Corrected issue where inserting a Repeater as the second element in a container broke Repeater layout
Fix: Changed Oxygen's preview render AJAX calls to be protocol agnostic
Fix: Corrected non-existent shortcode presence causing blank front end
Tweak: Gutenberg integration is now a separate plugin
Fix: Corrected issue that caused elements to move unexpectedly after using "Wrap with Div" in Structure Pane
Fix: Improved new code compatibility with PHP versions prior to 7.0
Fix: Corrected issue where using "Wrap with Div" on top-level elements broke Structure Pane in some cases
Fix: Improved Repeater and WooCommerce element compatibility
Fix: Improved Repeater refresh behavior
Tweak: Moved Repeater to Helpers > Dynamic
Fix: Corrected issue where Columns would break if child of last column div was made to be sibling of column divs
Fix: Corrected issue where rapid duplication of elements resulted in unexpected behavior
Fix: Corrected issue that caused Modals to re-trigger automatically in some cases
Fix: Allow non-administrative user to change Icon elements in Gutenberg
Fix: Disabled Animate on Scroll in Gutenberg
Fix: Added placeholder for Repeaters in Gutenberg

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