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Posted on July 9, 2019

Oxygen 3.0 Alpha 1 Now Available

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Today, we're very proud to announce the release of Oxygen 3.0 alpha 1.

3.0 alpha 1 is a huge update that introduces the following new features:

  • Repeater element for visual loop building
  • Visual Gutenberg block builder
  • WooCommerce integration

Current customers can download the alpha in the customer portal.

Please note that Alpha and Beta releases of Oxygen should not be used on production sites. We do not provide official support for Alpha or Beta versions of Oxygen. If you encounter bugs, please report them on GitHub.

Repeater Element

The Repeater element lets you build your own Easy Posts-style loops visually, without ever having to touch a line of code. First, choose either a post query or an Advanced Custom Fields repeater as your data source. Next, drop dynamic data elements into the Repeater itself, and watch as those elements are repeated for every item in your data source. Easily design complex layouts for dynamic data such as product lists, galleries, blog indexes, and more.

Gutenberg Integration

With our Gutenberg integration, you can build Blocks inside the Oxygen builder, and then use them in Gutenberg. Even better, end-users can edit Block content directly in Gutenberg without ever having to have access to Oxygen itself. With this integration, Gutenberg becomes Oxygen's "client mode."

WooCommerce Integration

Gain complete control over the design and layout of your WooCommerce store with Oxygen's WooCommerce integration. We've included various WooCommerce elements that let you completely configure your product pages, shop page, account pages, cart page, checkout page, and more, and global styling controls to easily get your store looking good and on-brand in minutes.

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