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Say goodbye to bloated themes & clunky page builders. Oxygen is the new way to build WordPress websites.

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“After testing all the WordPress builders, I can easily conclude that Oxygen is the best I have ever seen.”
WP Arena Editorial Team

Unlimited Layout Possibilities

Combine sections, columns, and divs to create any layout.

Drag To Set Element Spacing
Drag the edges of elements to adjust spacing. Or use automatic spacing to evenly distribute available space between or around elements.

Create Horizontal & Vertical Layouts
Oxygen makes it easy to create horizontal layouts. Other page builders make you "hack" it together with columns. Oxygen makes it easy.

Powerful Alignment Controls
Top left? Middle right? Bottom center? Oxygen's powerful flexbox-based layout engine makes it easy.

Responsive By Default

Unmatched responsive customization is available, but you probably won't need it.

Automatically Responsive
By default, at lower resolutions, section gutters vanish. Images shrink. Columns stack vertically. Visible menus collapse into toggles. Oxygen's smart layout engine has you covered.

Take Total Responsive Control
Based on device width, you can change element layout & alignment, reverse column orders, hide or show elements, and set different values for every single CSS property.
“Oxygen is amazing. It's how I have always envisioned a point, click and create front-end designing software.”
Rob Yardman - Ability Web Solutions

Headers & Footers Made Easy

Create headers and footers visually. It's just like designing page content.

Put Anything in Headers & Footers
Create headers & footers the same way you create page content. All Oxygen's elements can go in your headers & footers.

Sticky Headers
Check a box and your header will be sticky when you scroll. You choose what elements to include in your sticky header.

Different Headers & Footers For Different Site Areas
You can use different headers & footers on different parts of your site. Use a unique header for your checkout page, or a different footer for your members area.

Automatically Responsive
On small screens, your header will stack vertically and your menu will turn into a toggle. No configuration is necessary, but of course configuration options are available.

Embed WordPress Menus

Stack Vertically Or Horizontally
Stack your menu links vertically or horizontally.

Multi­-Level Dropdowns
Check the box to include dropdowns in your menu. Dropdowns can nest unlimited levels deep.

Very Configurable
Set link spacing & styles, hover borders, show or hide dropdown icons, and much more.

Automatically Responsive
Menus will collapse into a hamburger toggle on small screens. You can create special styles for the responsive menus.

Design For Dynamic Content

Create layouts for blog archives, custom post types, WooCommerce products, member portals, 404 pages, and everything else.

Link design elements to database data.

Connect your headlines, text, image URLs, link URLs, and everything else to any data from the WordPress database.

Easily output post lists and grids.

Various Preset Post Layouts
Display posts in a grid, list, or masonry layout, and tweak various styling options to get the post list looking just like the rest of your site.

Custom Query & Filtering Options
Override the default query for total control of exactly which posts are displayed. Filter by post type, taxonomy, author, control ordering, or even manually specify WP Query arguments.

Total Customizability
Tweak the PHP, HTML, and CSS that displays each individual post in the list for total control.

Plays nice with plugins

Embed plugins anywhere. Point + click plugin elements to style them.

Use WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, or any other store plugin. They all work fine.

Use any forms plugin to add forms. Then point + click on form elements to style them in Oxygen.

Use Any Plugin
Use any plugin you want. When it comes to plugins, Oxygen works like a normal WordPress theme.

Rapidly Create Pixel-Perfect Designs

Oxygen's best-in-class builder elements, powerful visual controls, and simple configuration options make it easy to create websites that look great.

Advanced Builder Elements
Oxygen has the builder elements you need to build any type of website. Everything from sliders to social icons to Google Maps embeds to lightbox image galleries are included.

Powerful Visual Features
Use videos as backgrounds. Tint background images to improve text readability. Make any background fixed parallax. Choose from 400 included SVG icons or upload your own icon sets. We have you covered.

Global Style Controls
Control global styles for headings, body text, links, and more. Specify global fonts from Google Fonts, Typekit, or even upload your own custom fonts.

True, Down-­To-­The-­Pixel Control
The other page builders that claim to offer this are lying - their flawed architecture makes it impossible. With Oxygen, you build with fundamental HTML elements and you have full control over every CSS property for IDs, classes, and states, for every element.

Lifetime support. Lifetime updates. Pay once.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee
Lifetime Updates
World-Class Support
Unlimited Site License
Use On Client Websites
Get Oxygen - $99
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Soflyy is proud to offer you Oxygen, our vision for what visual website design can be. We love it, and we think you will too.
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