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Get support directly from the Oxygen team.

We can answer any questions related to Oxygen. Our goal is to help you make the most of Oxygen.

Between regular business hours on Monday and Friday, you can usually expect a reply in 48 hours or less. Support is generally unavailable on the weekends, and tickets received on Friday are usually handled the following Monday.

Support tickets are answered in the order in which they are received, oldest first.

Here are some common things we would love to help you out with:

  • How to use certain features in Oxygen.
  • Pointing you in the right direction so you can make the most of Oxygen for a certain design or development task.
  • See why something on your Oxygen site isn't working, and advise on how to fix it.

Here is what is outside the scope of our support:

  • Server Problems
    • Oxygen works on a very diverse range of server environments – from bad shared hosting accounts to powerful dedicated servers. We’ve done our best to make it run pretty much everywhere. And we rarely hear of server-related compatibility problems.
    • Some servers have broken configurations or limited processing power. If you’re having a problem, we’re happy to debug any issues and see if the problem is with Oxygen or with your web hosting provider/server configuration. If we find that an issue isn't replicable anywhere but your server, we'll probably refer you to your hosting company or advise that you find a sysadmin to help debug your server configuration.
  • Compatibility Issues
    • Plugin conflicts happen occasionally. We're happy to relay reports of plugin conflicts to our development team and attempt to offer viable workarounds, but we often can't offer immediate solutions for conflicts with other plugins.
  • Implementing Third-Party Libraries
    • We cannot help you to implement third-party libraries or troubleshoot why your implementation isn't working. If you have trouble with a third-party library, please reach out in a relevant forum or group.
  • NSFW Sites
    • If your site contains adult content, we will not be able to log in and troubleshoot. If you’re able to provide access to a copy of your site where the adult content has been removed, we’ll be happy to troubleshoot there.
  • Performance Issues
    • We’re happy to accept reports of performance issues you believe to be related to Oxygen, but we can’t help you achieve better scores on GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights, or other performance measuring tools.
  • Writing Custom Code
    • We sometimes have snippets of code that we can provide to help resolve issues or workaround specific problems. This is not guaranteed. If we don't already have a code snippet for a given issue, we're not responsible for writing custom code to fix your issues.
  • Debugging Custom Code
  • Designing Your Site
    • We're glad to advise on how to do specific things in Oxygen, but we won't design your site for you. If you're looking to replicate an existing design and need help, it's best to piece your tickets out into specific tasks, e.g. "How can I make this type of slider in Oxygen?", rather than "How do I build this site in Oxygen?"
  • Anything Related To Translations Or Translation Plugins
    • We do not support anything related to translating Oxygen or Oxygen-built content.
  • Very advanced functionality & implementations
    • Some of Oxygen's features (Conditions, Advanced Query, etc...) are very advanced and are intended for users that understand the underlying mechanisms enough to use them without excessive guidance. While we're happy to help with the basics, we may not be able to provide support for configuring or troubleshooting these features in the case of very advanced implementations.

The Problematic 1% Policy

We want to provide timely support for the other 99% of our customers – and one way we do this is not do business with time wasters. If you take up more time than 99% of our customers (and your requests don’t help us improve our software – i.e. they are not bug reports), we’re not interested in your business. We’d be happy to give you a refund.

If you need more technical assistance than we provide…

At Soflyy we don’t take on consulting or development projects. But we have a huge community of talented designers & developers on Facebook that may be able to help you out:

Get Support

We’d love to hear from you! Submit a support request.

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