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Oxygen is powerful, flexible, and bloat free.

Read on to see how Oxygen will revolutionize the way you build websites, and what sets it apart from typical themes & page builders.
Oxygen's layout engine rocks.
Other builders can only create vertical layouts, and rely on columns to place elements next to each other horizontally. Oxygen's flexbox layout engine makes it easy to create horizontal or vertical layouts, without the use of columns. This vastly speeds up your workflow, as shown in the video below.
None of our competitors offer complete site building functionality, but we do.
Oxygen has been a site builder from the day it was released. The other builders are not true site builders - they started off as page builders, and only recently started to offer some site building functionality.

This functionality is limited, and you quickly find that there are many parts of your site that you can't build.

For example, even with Beaver Builder's "themer" functionality, you still need a theme for many things.

And while Elementor's site building functionality gives you control of headers, footers, and some theme templates, you still need a theme to display certain post types and taxonomies.

Not with Oxygen. Oxygen was designed from the ground up to be a complete site builder and not reliant on themes, so it's far more powerful that the competition. Oxygen's templating engine really does allow you to design every part of your site - headers, footers, content, any taxonomy, and any post type.
Our Header Builder is extremely flexible.
Most page builders rely on the theme for headers and footers, which leaves you with limited customization options. Beaver Builder and Elementor offer header building functionality, but we think you'll prefer ours.
Responsive design in Oxygen is a breeze.
Elementor doesn't have enough breakpoints. Beaver's responsive preview is often broken. Other page builders responsive controls are so limited as to be useless. Oxygen lets you set custom values for every single CSS property, for 5 different device widths, giving you complete flexibility.
Oxygen eliminates repetitive styling tasks.
Oxygen uses the power of classes to enable you to apply the same styles to many elements. Update the style in one place, and it will take effect on all elements using that class.

Imagine creating a section with three icon boxes and then using that section across six pages, resulting in a total of 18 icon boxes.

Now, imagine you want to change the icon size, style, color, and text size.

With other builders, that means you need to make 18 edits to icon size, 18 edits to style, 18 edits to color, and 18 edits to text size, for a total of 72 edits.

In Oxygen, with the power of classes, you can do the same thing with only 4 edits. That's almost 20 times less work.
Our builder elements are more powerful.
You'll notice that Oxygen has less builder elements than the competition, yet you still can do more with Oxygen than you can with the competition.

How is this possible?

Oxygen's builder elements are more flexible.

Sliders in Elementor or Beaver? You get three sliders, but you can't drag content into the sliders, so you are stuck with their preset slider content layouts.

Sliders in Oxygen? You simply drag any content you want into a slide, and design your slide just like every other part of your page.

Elementor's CTA widget lets you create a hover effect where the text animates in, the backgorund moves out. It's cool. But Oxygen's Superbox element gives you 100x more flexibility, to create all sorts of different animated transitions.

The list goes on and on.

Oxygen elements are more flexible, more customizable, and more powerful.

Oxygen lets you do more, with less.
Complete Element Reference

Oxygen is a full site builder.
So why settle for a page builder?

Oxygen brings the same visual experience you get for building pages to all parts of your website.

Our competitors all started off as page builders. Most are still page builders.

Recently some have caught on and added some site building functionality.

But since they weren't originally designed as site builders, it's very hard for them to match the power and flexibility of Oxygen.

It's time to say goodbye to themes.

Instead of using a page builder and a theme, Oxygen is a new way of building for WordPress that allows you to design every part of your site visually.
Themes are bloated.
Even if you use a page builder to override your theme's design, if you look in the HTML and CSS code, you'll still see a bunch of stuff from your theme there.

In fact, when using a theme with a page builder, many things that could only be loaded once are loaded twice, slowing down page load and rendering times.

Your theme's CSS is loaded. Then your page builder loads its own CSS. Your theme's JavaScript is loaded. Then your page builder loads its own JavaScript. And so on.

Oxygen lets you build your entire site with one tool. You don't need a theme and a page builder and their associated bloat.
Themes are difficult to customize.
With Oxygen, you create templates for headers, footers, posts, pages, archives, and every other part of your site visually.

While themes often provide many options to customize your design, there are always things you can't do without editing the theme's PHP files.

And even if you know how to do that, updating the theme will overwrite your changes unless you make a "child" theme.

Why bother with the headache when you can just design every part of your site visually?
Themes don't give enough control.
You'll notice themes give you hundreds, if not thousands, of options, but you still can't quite customize them exactly to your liking. That's because these theme options only let you customize the designs already created by the theme author, which ultimately will limit you.

With Oxygen, instead of choosing from 37 possible headers layouts provided by your theme, you can simply create any header layout you can imagine visually.

And yes, of course, we have many preset layouts to choose from as well.

Oxygen is the best deal in WordPress right now.

Lifetime support. Lifetime updates. Unlimited sites.

For just $99.

Get Oxygen
For comparison, here's what our competitors charge:

Elementor is $199 for unlimited sites, but that only includes 1 year of support and updates, not to mention all the add-ons typical users purchase.

Beaver Builder is $99 for the builder, $147 for the "themer", and then another $100 to run it on a multisite install. And again, support and updates expire after 1 year unless you pay to renew.

Divi is $249 for an unlimited site, lifetime license.

Lifetime support. Lifetime updates. Pay once.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee
Lifetime Updates
World-Class Support
Unlimited Site License
Use On Client Websites
Get Oxygen - $99
Note: limited time introductory pricing of $99 expiring soon
Soflyy is proud to offer you Oxygen, our vision for what visual website design can be. We love it, and we think you will too.
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