Now is your last chance to buy a lifetime license before we switch to annual pricing. Existing licenses will be unaffected.
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Posted on November 23, 2018

Why We Don't Do Discounts

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Oxygen is currently just $99 for a lifetime, unlimited site developer license.

The $99 price includes lifetime updates, lifetime support, and use on unlimited sites, including sites you build for clients. There are no renewal fees, ever, and your purchase is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee.

Please note that we plan to raise the price of Oxygen soon. We've already done a test run at higher prices. Everyone who bought during the test run received an automatic refund so the total they paid was $99, but based on that test we think we'll make the most money selling Oxygen for $149, so we plan to test the $149 price point for an unlimited site license relatively soon. If that is successful, then we are going to keep the price at $149, and you'll never be able to get Oxygen for $99 again, ever.

There will not be a special Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any other holiday discount for Oxygen, ever.

We think holiday discounts are a great slap in the face to loyal customers that paid the list price. Since that obviously seems unfair, we don't offer special holiday discounts.

Are all the plugin and theme shops that are offering heavy discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday going to automatically provide partial refunds to everyone who bought their products a few days previously at a higher price? We doubt it, and that rubs us the wrong way. That's not how we do business.

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