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Posted on July 16, 2018

Oxygen Community Roundup #1

hello world!

This week we’re starting a new series in the blog where we post a regular collection of happenings in the Oxygen community.

2,200+ Members In The Facebook Group

The Official Oxygen User Group on Facebook currently has over 2,200 members and continues to grow rapidly. There are some very talented users in there providing helpful advice and solutions. If you're not already in the group, you're missing out, so please join it. We'd love to see you inside!

365+ Members In The Slack Chat

The official Slack chat - it is a live chat, like IRC if you've been around for a while - has 365 members. Check it out.

Want to get your site professionally redesigned with Oxygen?

Louis Reingold (founder and CEO of Soflyy, the company behind Oxygen) made quite an offer recently (permalink):

“Let Me Redesign Your Website. Designed a website with Oxygen or another builder, but think it could look better?

Let me redesign it.

Post the link here, and if I think we can make it look better and it would be a good candidate for a video tutorial, I'll do a critique of the design, improve it, and upload the tutorial to YouTube.

Basically, if I think your site is a good candidate for this, you'll get a free website redesign (no implementation on your server), and I'll get to make a great video tutorial."

Sridhar Katakam’s tutorials

Sridhar is well known for his Genesis and WordPress tutorials. Recently, he’s been exploring Oxygen and contributing his expertise in posts in the Facebook group, with corresponding posts on a new website.

In a post comparing page builders, he said this about Oxygen 2.0:

"Nothing is more important to me than the quality and compactness of HTML markup that is output. The new Oxygen 2.0 shines in this area and has the leanest HTML with the smallest footprint.”

Here are some popular posts of his that are aimed at helping Oxygen users implement advanced features:

  • Scroll animations in Oxygen (link)
  • A basic WordPress Custom Functionality plugin (link)
  • Parallax in Oxygen (link)
  • Smooth scrolling to hash links and Back to Top in Oxygen (link)
  • Filterable Portfolio in Oxygen (link)
  • How to add a sidebar to a template in Oxygen (link)
  • How to add data attributes to elements in Oxygen (link)

Passing a reusable part to Easy Posts

Michael Craig suggested a very clever method for creating a Reusable Part in Oxygen that can be passed to Easy Posts. This allows you to use Oxygen to visually design the inside of the WordPress loop.

Check out the code and video posted by Michael on forums.

“Supa Mike” tutorials

Facebook group user “Supa Mike” has been posting tutorials for advanced effects in the Facebook group, the Oxygen user forum, and on his site. Here of some of his posts.

  • How he rebuilt the homepage of his portfolio website (made with Elementor) in Oxygen (permalink)
  • How to add a shape divider with Oxygen (link)
  • How to add a tilt effect to your images (link)

He also wrote a post (in French) on his site about why Oxygen is different than page builders: "Oxygen, the Page Builder unlike any other".

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