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Posted on August 21, 2023

Oxygen 4.8 Beta 1 Now Available

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Today we're excited to announce the availability of the first beta of Oxygen 4.8.

Oxygen 4.8 introduces the new Navigator, allowing you to quickly switch which post you're editing without ever leaving or re-loading Oxygen.


The Navigator is a dropdown list of posts, pages, templates, etc... in Oxygen's interface, allowing you to almost instantly change editing contexts from within Oxygen without ever having to reload the entire builder. Instead, the Navigator feature intelligently reloads only the post data, resulting in a negligible load time and no need to navigate back to the WordPress admin panel to switch which post you're editing.

The Navigator represents a huge leap forward for the Oxygen workflow, and we're excited to collect your feedback and continue improving the feature during the 4.8 release cycle.

You can view the full changelog below:

Oxygen users can find the beta download in the customer portal.

Please note that alpha and beta releases of Oxygen or Oxygen add-ons should not be used in production environments. We do not provide official support for alpha or beta versions of Oxygen or Oxygen add-ons. If you encounter bugs, please report them on GitHub.

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