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Posted on August 14, 2023

Oxygen 4.7 Now Available

hello world!

Today we're excited to announce the release of Oxygen 4.7.

Oxygen 4.7 is focused on enhancing the code authoring experience within Oxygen.

CodeMirror Improvements

Oxygen's code editor uses CodeMirror, an editor component that enables all of the needed features you'd expect from a code editor.

In Oxygen 4.7, we've upgraded to the latest & greatest version of CodeMirror, which allowed us to enable multiple useful features within the editor.

Mixed Code View for Code Blocks

Code Blocks now have a "mixed" view, enabling you to see and write PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in Code Block from a single view.

You can also quickly swap back to the single editor view using the "Expand" button near the top-right.


When writing CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, you'll receive auto-complete suggestions for your code.

You'll also get auto-closing HTML tags, which will save you lots of time.

As an additional bonus, and thanks to a suggestion & contribution by Renato from ReCoda, our CSS auto-complete will also suggest custom Oxygen classes & variables entered via stylesheets (when writing var() functions.)

Code Folding

All editors (PHP/HTML, CSS, JS) now have the ability to fold long bits of code, functions, etc...

Full Search & Replace

CodeMirror's latest version includes a full search & replace dialog for quickly and effectively searching within the code editor. No more using the default browser search & missing anything below the fold.

Oxygen 4.7 is now available as an in-place update, or you can download it directly from

Below is a mostly complete changelog of the changes made in Oxygen 4.7.

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