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Posted on May 5, 2023

Oxygen 4.6 Now Available

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Today we're excited to announce the release of Oxygen 4.6.

Oxygen 4.6 is focused primarily on bug fixes, tweaks, and polish, but does include a couple of more notable changes.

Custom HTML Tags For Repeaters

In Oxygen 4.6, you can create truly semantic, dynamic HTML structures from Repeaters using the custom tag option.

Choose any valid HTML tag to wrap your Repeater divs in. You can also set the Repeater divs themselves to any tag.

This allows you to visually create dynamic UL/LI or OL/LI structures among other things.

Lazy Loading For Gallery & Video Elements

Previously, we added an option to enable browser-native lazy loading for Image elements.

We've now introduced this option for Gallery and Video elements as well.

Note that lazy loading does not work with the Flex Gallery layout, so ensure you've chosen Masonry or Grid if you want to use lazy loading.

Oxygen Gutenberg Integration 1.4.4 Now Available

Alongside Oxygen 4.6, we're also releasing the final stable 1.4.4 version of Oxygen's Gutenberg integration.

This is a maintenance release that only has changes pertaining to Gutenberg-specific deprecations in WordPress 6.2.

Both updates are available as in-place updates via the plugins page on your WordPress site. You can manually download the latest versions of Oxygen and all associated add-ons at

Below is a mostly complete changelog of the changes made in Oxygen 4.6:

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