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Posted on February 3, 2023

Oxygen 4.5 Beta 1 Now Available

hello world!

Today we're excited to announce the availability of the first beta of Oxygen 4.5.

Oxygen 4.5 introduces the new Emmet input, which allows you to use Emmet abbreviations to rapidly build out designs in Oxygen.

Add Elements Using Emmet

You can switch to the Emmet input by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the normal +Add panel search field, or by pressing CMD/CTRL+E in the builder.

In the Emmet input, you can use an Emmet abbreviation to add elements to your design, set their classes, their text content, and more. Once you've typed an abbreviation, press enter to execute it. Check out the release video for a few examples of how this input can be used.

Check out the Emmet cheat sheet for a good idea of the types of abbreviations you can use in Oxygen.

Note that not all Emmet abbreviations are supported, and some Oxygen elements can't be added via Emmet abbreviation yet.

Oxygen users can find the beta download in the customer portal.

Please note that alpha and beta releases of Oxygen or Oxygen add-ons should not be used in production environments. We do not provide official support for alpha or beta versions of Oxygen or Oxygen add-ons. If you encounter bugs, please report them on GitHub.

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