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Posted on November 14, 2022

Oxygen 4.2. Alpha 1 Now Available

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Today we're excited to announce the availability of the first alpha of Oxygen 4.2.

Oxygen 4.2 introduces automatic unit detection on settings fields with multiple units, and a new option to unwrap Code Blocks on the front-end.

Automatic Unit Detection

There are many fields in Oxygen that allow you to select the unit for that field (px, rem, vh, etc...) by clicking the selected unit and choosing which unit you'd like to use. In Oxygen 4.2, you can skip multiple clicks by simply typing the value and unit in those fields. For example, if you type "1rem" Oxygen will detect the unit, remove the "rem" string from the typed value, and automatically switch the field to using rem units. This works with any unit that's available on the field you're entering a value for.

Unwrapped Code Blocks

The Code Block is a powerhouse in Oxygen. Any time Oxygen can't do something exactly how you want, you can use a Code Block to implement 100% custom functionality with PHP, HTML, CSS, and JS, avoiding bloated single-use plugins with ease.

In Oxygen 4.2, you can unwrap the Code Block's output PHP/HTML on the front-end, resulting in raw PHP/HTML output instead of output wrapped in arbitrary Oxygen-imposed wrappers. This provides a way to implement some more advanced techniques (e.g. using two Code Blocks, each outputting only an opening/closing HTML tag, to wrap Oxygen content) and get cleaner output when using custom code in Oxygen.

You can find a mostly complete changelog of the changes included in 4.2 alpha 1 below:

Oxygen users can find the alpha download in the customer portal.

Please note that alpha and beta releases of Oxygen or Oxygen add-ons should not be used in production environments. We do not provide official support for alpha or beta versions of Oxygen or Oxygen add-ons. If you encounter bugs, please report them on GitHub.

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