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What's new in Oxygen 4.1?

Introducing cross-site copy & paste and much more.

In This Release

Cross-Site Copy & Paste
Field Expansion For Easier Use Of CSS Functions
Better Revisions Management
30+ Bug Fixes, Tweaks, and Enhancements
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"I want to tell everyone: Oxygen has the BEST support I've ever encountered. Truly amazing."
Lisa Norman

Cross-Site Copy & Paste

Save Hours Re-Creating Designs


Use simple keyboard shortcuts to copy individual elements or entire sections of Oxygen content to your clipboard.


Drop the copied JSON into Oxygen on your destination site to see all elements, settings & styles (including classes!) imported in an instant.


With cross-site copy & paste, you can rapidly build new Oxygen sites based on your previous work. No more duplication of effort.
"Finally, a page builder that actually gives you full control. I definitely don't miss trying to hack around Elementor. I love Oxygen."
Jonathan Killian


Wider Fields & Better Revisions

Hello, CSS Functions

Choose the "none" unit and watch as fields magically expand on focus, allowing you to type much longer strings with ease. Use calc(), clamp(), var() effortlessly.

Revisions Management

See and delete individual revisions per post. Delete all revisions for a given post. Or start completely fresh by clearing all revisions globally.
"Oxygen is the best tool I've ever used to build websites."
Albert Nurick

The Changelog

New: Added cross-site copy & paste (#4654)
-- Use the new "export" button in the Structure Pane node menu or ctrl/cmd+shift+c to copy an element's JSON
-- Use the new "import" button at the opt of the Structure Pane or ctrl/cmd+shift+i to import an element's JSON

Tweak: Added width expansion when "none" unit is chosen to most fields with "none" as a unit option (#4411)
Tweak: Made a number of adjustments to revisions (#4553)
-- Set maximum number of "daily" revisions to 7 by default. This is adjustable in Oxygen > Settings > Revisions.
-- Removed "hourly" revisions.
-- Added ability to delete individual revisions from posts.
-- Added ability to delete all revisions from specific posts.

Enhancement: Added support for tab navigation in Menu and Pro Menu elements (#2275)
Enhancement: Added support for ACF fields in Media Library images (#4528)

Fix: Non-CSS option from Elements API being rendered in CSS in builder preview
Fix: Umlaut characters being replaced in Oxygen JSON/shortcodes (#3272)
Fix: Form select dropdown triggers Oxygen Exit Intent modal (#3822)
Fix: Incorrect behavior for styles present indicator on Effects > Filter (#2366)
Fix: Incorrect behavior for styles present indicator on checkboxes (#2366)
Fix: Button padding ignored when using multiple classes (#1769)
Fix: Can't use Global Colors as a caption background color in Gallery element (#3779)
Fix: Revisions listed in incorrect order (#3775)
Fix: ACF image returned when image field empty (#3671)
Fix: "Dynamic Callback in Static Method" error related to Conditions (#3437)
Fix: Backtrace from notice Undefined index: oxygen_lock_post_edit_mode (#3136)
Fix: Updated EDD updater URL to https to avoid redirects on license checks (#3349)
Fix: Defining manual IDs in Repeater causes it to return only "post" post types (#3618)
Fix: Backtrace from notice Undefined variable: show_gradient (#3137)
Fix: Error related to design set images and User Design Library denied access (#3560)
Fix: Typo in Repeater code that could cause wrong post/product to be shown (#3526)
Fix: Global fonts not resolving in some specific scenarios (#2874)
Fix: Exception "Too few arguments to function wpdb::prepare()" (#3370)
Fix: Design library items can't be found if permalinks are set to Plain (#2654)
Fix: Dynamic data in a template can now be inherited down more than 2 levels (#2008)
Fix: Corrected scenario involving spans made into links containing dynamic data that could result in duplicate IDs/broken structure (#4668)
Fix: Corrected issue with elements that have apostrophes in their names breaking the page after being imported via the Design Library (#4657)
Fix: Users with "edit only" access to Oxygen can no longer rename elements (#4498)
Fix: Users with "edit only" access to Oxygen no longer have access to the gap field for containers (#4497)
Fix: Users with "Edit Only" access can no longer delete elements that aren't enabled for them (#4744)
Fix: Made multiple changes resulting in faster builder load times (#4683)

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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have Oxygen. How do I get 4.1?

Login to your account to download 4.1 at, or upgrade with one click in your WordPress admin panel.

Do I ever have to renew my Oxygen license?

Never. We are serious about lifetime updates.

Can I use Oxygen on my clients' websites?

100% yes. They do not need to buy their own license.

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