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Posted on May 4, 2022

Oxygen 4.0 RC 1 Now Available

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Today we're proud to announce the availability of the first release candidates of Oxygen 4.0, Oxygen WooCommerce 2.0, and Oxygen Gutenberg 1.4.1.

Oxygen 4.0 introduces an overhauled builder UI, PHP 8.0 support, a fix for duplicated Repeater ids, and a ton of other enhancements, bug fixes, and tweaks. You can learn more about the changes made in Oxygen 4.0 and Oxygen WooCommerce 2.0 in the alpha release blog post:

Oxygen Gutenberg 1.4.1 is a security/compatibility release with no new features.

Existing customers can download the release candidates in the customer portal.

If you use any third-party Oxygen add-ons, test this release on staging before using it on your live site. Some add-on developers haven't released 4.0 compatibility updates yet.

Before using a release candidate in a production environment, backup your site. While release candidates have been tested extensively and are considered stable enough for production environments, you should always proceed with caution when using any alpha, beta, or RC version of Oxygen or the associated add-ons. We will provide official support for sites running release candidate versions of Oxygen and the associated add-ons. If you encounter bugs, please report them on GitHub.

Below are mostly complete changelogs of the changes included in the release candidate versions of Oxygen 4.0 and Oxygen Gutenberg 1.4.1. There were no changes in Oxygen WooCommerce 2.0 between the beta and the RC.

One comment on “Oxygen 4.0 RC 1 Now Available”

  1. I have installed version 4.1 and now all my previous oxygen knowledge has gone into the bin.

    I just want to create a new site using the design library. But where do I find inner content?

    Cant search for it and all those brilliiant videos you made dont seem to apply.

    Do you have videos relating to version 4.1 that will help me build a site quickly?

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