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What's new in Oxygen 4.0?

Introducing an overhauled builder UI and much more.

In This Release

Overhauled Builder UI
JSON Instead Of Shortcodes
Back-End Performance Improvements
Workflow & QoL Improvements
120+ Bug Fixes, Tweaks, and Enhancements
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"I want to tell everyone: Oxygen has the BEST support I've ever encountered. Truly amazing."
Lisa Norman

Overhauled Builder UI

Modern. Sleek. Fast.

Fewer Clicks

Reach commonly used buttons & controls without extra clicks. Super fast, super efficient.

Easier Changes

Double click to edit element names in the Properties Pane or the Structure Pane.

Powerful Enhancements

See inherited values & whether a property is styled via Class or ID at a glance. Search for selectors. And much more.
"Finally, a page builder that actually gives you full control. I definitely don't miss trying to hack around Elementor. I love Oxygen."
Jonathan Killian


We've improved several Oxygen features

Even Better Performance

We've made even more changes to the back-end of Oxygen to make it load and work faster for you.

Image Changes

Use dynamic data for Image Library images, and their alt text syncs with the library. Easily control object fit, object position, and aspect ratio.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Including undo, redo, delete, duplicate, and copy & paste.

PHP 8.x Compatible

Oxygen 4.0 is fully PHP 8.x compatible.
"Oxygen is the best tool I've ever used to build websites."
Albert Nurick

The Changelog

New: Oxygen now uses JSON instead of shortcodes to store its designs. Please resign shortcodes after upgrading to ensure all JSON is generated (#3843)
New: Repeaters no longer have duplicate IDs. You will have to regenerate CSS after upgrading to ensure Repeaters are styled properly (#4004)
New: Builder UI overhaul

Enhancement: Inherited values from larger breakpoints are now shown in Properties Pane fields (#3665)
Enhancement: Modals now animate out using the same AOS animation they animate in with (#3550)
Enhancement: You can now upload custom screenshots for User Design Library design set pages, blocks, and individual Sections (#3574)
Enhancement: You can now double click an element's name in the Properties Pane to rename it (#3547)
Enhancement: Added visual indication for whether a Properties Pane field is styled via class or id (#3548)
Enhancement: Added search field for Selectors Pane (#4037)
Enhancement: Added keyboard shortcuts for duplicate, save, delete, copy, paste (#3951)

Tweak: Improved CSS cache regeneration logic to avoid memory exhaustion while regenerating (#3929)
Tweak: Newly inserted images now default to "full" attachment size (#4416)
Tweak: Adjusted four side measure box layout for Repeater controls (#4414)
Tweak: Adjusted layout of Oxygen metabox buttons to avoid odd layout in some cases (#4413)
Tweak: Added ability to override Media Library image alt via a custom attribute (#4393)
Tweak: General UI styling adjustments (#4371, #4358)
Tweak: Exposed modal.class.php showModal() function for use in external code via oxyShowModal() - (#4357)
Tweak: Added dynamic data button to image ID field for Images using Media Library - (#4250)
Tweak: Added tag control for Inner Content element - (#4249)
Tweak: Improved Oxygen's handling of non-registered Oxygen elements - (#4241)
Tweak: Added "gap" for flex containers. - (#4186)
Tweak: Oxygen now calls the wp_body_open() function after body open tag - (#2566)
Tweak: Adjusted builder UI colors - (#4228)
Tweak: Changed arrangement of margin & padding controls, including expanding focused margin & padding inputs when using the "none" unit - (#4207) (#4121)
Tweak: (A11Y) Added default titles and the ability to define titles for Social Icon links - (#4185)
Tweak: Modal scroll capturing improvements - (#4165)
Tweak: Improved the Image element with lazy loading option and better alt text behavior for Media Library images - (#4135)
Tweak: Removed unnecessary console.log from modal.class.php - (#3904)
Tweak: Added ability to double click to rename elements in the Structure Pane. - (#4113)
Tweak: Better cache busting for builder UI CSS. - (#4050)
Tweak: Updated Oxygen to AngularJS 1.8.2, the latest available version (#4031)
Tweak: Removed duplicate SVG icons in the builder
Tweak: Oxygen is now compatible with PHP 8.0 (#4012)

Fix: Corrected issue related to two nestable API elements in a template breaking Repeater output (#4392)
Fix: Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: strpos(): Argument #1 ($haystack) must be of type string, array given in /wp-includes/shortcodes.php on line 209 (#4237)
Fix: Resolved fatal error related to images and custom attributes (#4415)
Fix: Warning: Undefined array key "id" in .../wp-content/plugins/oxygen/component-framework/includes/metabox/oxygen-metabox-integration.php on line 85 (#4384)
Fix: Corrected PHP 8 errors when activating Oxygen on a multisite (#4382)
Fix: Warning: Undefined array key "id" in oxygen/component-framework/includes/metabox/oxygen-metabox-integration.php on line 85 (#4355)
Fix: Corrected issue resulting in nicename loss when dragging elements in the Structure Pane (#4363)
Fix: Warning: Undefined array key "settings_page" in component-frameworkincludesacfoxygen-acf-integration.php on line 547 - (#4353)
Fix: Addressed compatibility issue with Thrive Leads - (#4277)
Fix: Optimized Structure Pane code to improve performance and reduce lag - (#4262)
Fix: Added initial-scale=1.0 to viewport meta tag - (#4238)
Fix: Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in oxygencomponent-frameworkcomponentscomponent.class.php on line 3385 - (#4225)
Fix: Warning: Undefined array key "never" in oxygencomponent-frameworkcomponentscomponent.class.php on line 3385 - (#4224)
Fix: The slider now changes to the correct slide when the Slide is clicked via the Structure panel - (#4206)
Fix: [Meta Box] Image Advanced field can now be used as a Gallery source if it's located on a Settings page - (#4157)
Fix: Corrected issue that prevented a site from being able to retrieve data from ACF if a specific plugin was active - (#4087)
Fix: When an element is made into a Link, its nicename should now change - (#4085)
Fix: Duplicated elements no longer have the same nicename in the Structure Panel - (#4055)
Fix: [Meta Box] Corrected issue causing Single Image field to not return the image when used in Oxygen's Image element - (#3890)
Fix: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in /oxygen/component-framework/includes/acf/oxygen-acf-integration.php - (#3345)
Fix: Sliders should no longer show a "Flash Of Unstyled Content" on load - (#3191)
Fix: Ensured pre_do_shortcode_tag filter works - (#4256)
Fix: Fatal Error: Backtrace from fatal error "WP_User_Query was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 5.9.0!" - (#4234)
Fix: Added missing units for Margin in Advanced > Size & Spacing - (#4222)
Fix: Prevented Editors from accessing Template PHP & Template CSS on Easy Posts and Comments List - (#4193)
Fix: Corrected PHP warnings when saving a template with Inner Content element - (#4160)
Fix: Corrected PHP Warnings when saving blank page. - (#4159)
Fix: Corrected issue causing # to be removed from element name when renaming via Properties Pane - (#4156)
Fix: Made border controls show previously defined values when "all borders" is selected - (#4151)
Fix: Optimized user query in Client Control settings to prevent large queries when many users are present - (#4141)
Fix: Corrected console error. - (#4134)
Fix: Corrected bug resulting from having a reusable with a nested API element which could corrupt the structure of a design - (#4111)
Fix: (A11Y) Improved focus behavior for focusable elements inside a Modal - (#4018)
Fix: Corrected issue preventing Meta Box group fields (non-cloneable) on settings pages from working with Oxygen - (#3992)
Fix: Corrected issue where duplicating elements could cause them to be added in the wrong order and break the design structure - (#3801)
Fix: Corrected issue where duplicating slides or adding slides within a Slider could cause the Slider to break irreparably - (#3495)
Fix: Shape Dividers should no longer cause any FOUC on page load - (#2936)
Fix: Fixed PHP Warning: Undefined array key "children" in /oxygen/component-framework/includes/tree-shortcodes.php on line 28 - (#4138)
Fix: Fixed PHP Warning: Undefined property: OxygenElement::$registeredSelectors in /oxygen/component-framework/api/oxygen.element.class.php on line 351 - (#4137)
Fix: PHP errors when saving Google Maps API key in Oxygen > Settings > General - (#4126)
Fix: Warning : Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in classesdynamic-list.class.php on line 920 - (#4107)
Fix: When Elegant Custom Fonts is active on a site running PHP 8.0, fatal error prevents Oxygen from loading. - (#4097)
Fix: PHP error on Oxygen > Settings > Client Control - (#4081)
Fix: PHP Warning: Undefined array key "param_name" in /oxygen/component-framework/components/component.class.php on line 1323 - (#4073)
Fix: PHP Warning: Undefined array key "param_name" in /oxygen/component-framework/components/component.class.php on line 1321 - (#4072)
Fix: Adding an address that contains an apostrophe to a Google Maps element no longer breaks the map and causes the shortcode error - (#3505)

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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have Oxygen. How do I get 4.0?

Login to your account to download 4.0 at, or upgrade with one click in your WordPress admin panel.

Do I ever have to renew my Oxygen license?

Never. We are serious about lifetime updates.

Can I use Oxygen on my clients' websites?

100% yes. They do not need to buy their own license.

Lifetime support. Lifetime updates.

60 Day Guarantee

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Use on as many sites as you want. There is no limit.

Lifetime Support & Updates

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Use On Client Websites

Your license includes unlimited use on client websites.
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10 comments on “Oxygen 4.0 Now Available”

  1. Switching to OxygenBuilder is the best thing I've done for my website building business -- after using Divi, Beaver, Headway and others. I have excellent design flexibility, a great development experience, and the fastest loading site pages. And, a lifetime license. It's a no-brainer.

  2. I've been using Oxygen Builder for over a year now. Hands down the best lifetime software purchase I've ever made in my life. Super easy to use, even for a non-coder like myself. Can't wait to load up v4!

  3. Thank you so much. v4.0 is better, easier, and faster. Infect, I love the new look. Everything is better

  4. Oxygen is already a great tool to use, and I'm happy using it as it is... but, you guys should really look into integrating crocoblocks - jetengine and all their suits of plugins into oxygen cus that will definitely become a game changer. I'm patiently waiting for this change since 2020 and up until now nothing yet. Please work with the crocoblocks teams to make their product sync with oxygen builder then elementor will be eleminated completed cus as it is I still use elementor and it's heavy.

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