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Posted on June 24, 2022

Oxygen 4.0.1 Now Available

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Oxygen 4.0.1 and Oxygen Gutenberg 1.4.2 are minor releases that fix a few edge cases present in Oxygen 4.0 and Oxygen Gutenberg 1.4.1. Below is a list of changes in Oxygen 4.0.1:

Oxygen Gutenberg 1.4.2 includes only one change which improves its compatibility with the new JSON data storage method in Oxygen 4.x.

Oxygen 4.0.1 and Oxygen Gutenberg 1.4.2 are available as in-place updates via the Plugins page in the WordPress admin panel. You can also manually download them via the customer portal.

Please be sure to resign your shortcodes and regenerate your CSS cache after updating.

One comment on “Oxygen 4.0.1 Now Available”

  1. Have you created an easier way to set up a Maintenance or Comming soon Page? If not, will you any time soon?

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