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What's new in Oxygen 3.9?

Introducing Meta Box integration and much more.

In This Release

Meta Box Integration
ACF Options Page Support
Back-End Performance Improvements
New Structure Pane - Better Drag & Drop
25+ Bug Fixes, Tweaks, and Enhancements
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"I’ve worked with Elementor, Avada, and Beaver Builder on client websites. Oxygen blows them away and enriches your own skills."
Joe C B

Meta Box Integration

Use Meta Box for dynamic data

Get Any Field

Fetch Meta Box field data using Oxygen's powerful Dynamic Data capabilities.

Cloneable Groups Support

Create groups of fields that can be cloned, and use those groups as the data source for an Oxygen Repeater.

Settings Page Support

Add fields to a central Meta Box settings page, then use the data from those fields directly in Oxygen.
"I am so grateful I bought Oxygen. 100% power is in my hands now. No more Elementor/WordPress theme headaches."
Arvydas Gasparavicius


We've improved several Oxygen features

Better Performance

We've optimized a key query in Oxygen, resulting in much faster builder load times in some environments. Sites built with Oxygen are still blazing fast on the front-end.

Rebuilt Structure Pane

Our rebuilt Structure Pane results in smooth drag & drop, as well as markedly improved latency in the builder.

ACF Options Page Support

It's now possible to use fields, including ACF repeaters, from ACF Options Pages.
"What a badass builder!"
Eric Froschauer

The Changelog

New: Meta Box integration

Enhancement: Optimized back-end queries for faster builder load times in some environments
Enhancement: Rebuilt Structure Pane to improve in-builder latency over the course of a session
Enhancement: It's now possible to use fields from ACF Options Pages via Dynamic Data
Enhancement: Added better support for ACF Group fields, including nested groups

Tweak: Changed Advanced Query dropdowns to use Select2

Fix: Corrected search logic for +Add pane to make it fuzzier
Fix: Flexbox child controls > align self set via a class should now work correctly
Fix: Easy Posts pagination should now work on static home pages
Fix: Corrected 'Uncaught Exception: DateTime::__construct()' error after inserting ACF date picker/date and time picker field via dynamic data
Fix: ACF date field now respects default or specified format
Fix: Corrected empty CSS file generated when reusable part is styled only using classes
Fix: Adobe Fonts should no longer be loaded when disabled
Fix: Conditions should now work on Shortcode elements
Fix: Repeater Preview Render: Single Mode should no longer cause endless spinning cog after rearranging elements within Repeater
Fix: It's now possible to preview posts on template assigned to Singular > Posts and Media
Fix: Corrected issue where JavaScript added to an element via the Properties Pane disappeared when styles were copied from ID to Class, but still output on front end
Fix: Corrected scenario that caused incorrect Google Fonts font weights to be loaded
Fix: Corrected issue where Adobe Font weights weren't loaded, and Adobe Fonts were requested from Google
Fix: Can no longer drag margin/padding on elements with locked selector selected
Fix: Formatting is now removed when pasting text into the Properties Pane content field
Fix: Reply to comments should now work when smooth scroll to hash links is active
Fix: CSS Caching can now be used on sites where permalinks use non-Latin characters
Fix: Corrected Pro Menu slowness & 'maximum call stack size exceeded' error on some devices
Fix: Added depth storage to all elements, which should correct depth issues with API elements. Existing API elements that accept children may need to be designated as nestable, e.g. $My_Element->nestable()
Fix: Corrected issue causing multiple title and meta viewport tags on front-end when Rank Math and Yoast SEO are enabled
Fix: Multiple Meta Query & Taxonomy Query arrays should now work via Advanced Query

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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have Oxygen. How do I get 3.9?

Login to your account to download 3.9 at, or upgrade with one click in your WordPress admin panel.

Do I ever have to renew my Oxygen license?

Never. We are serious about lifetime updates.

Can I use Oxygen on my clients' websites?

100% yes. They do not need to buy their own license.

Lifetime support. Lifetime updates.

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