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What's new in Oxygen 3.7?

Introducing native CSS grid and the Composite Elements library.

In This Release

CSS Grid
Composite Elements library (subscription based add-on)
16 Bug Fixes & Tweaks
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"Developing in Oxygen is the best fun I have had in 30+ years being involved with the Internet."
Michael Sharp

CSS Grid

Create incredible layouts easily

CSS Grid, Simplified

Creating grids with CSS can be complicated, even if you're very experienced with CSS. Oxygen's CSS Grid implementation makes setting up and manipulating CSS Grids as simple as clicking.

Visually Control Your Grid

All of the most commonly required CSS Grid controls are laid out conveniently in our GUI for you to create simple & complex grid-based designs.

Achieve Impossible Layouts

CSS Grid enables you to create layouts that were previously difficult or impossible to achieve with only Flexbox layout controls.
"I've recently switched to Oxygen Builder, and it's a beast. Unlimited sites for a one off price, no bloat, it's super fast, and the community is really helpful."
Jamie Munro

Composite Elements

A library of convenient & powerful pre-built elements

Save Time

In one click, insert convenient elements like Horizontal Dividers, Icon Buttons, Icon Lists and more.

Advanced Elements

Composite Elements aren't just simple helpers. With elements like the Mega Menu, automated Counters, a content Switcher, and an automatic Table of Contents, the Composite Elements library packs a punch.

Rapid Deployment

Because of the way the Composite Elements library is built, we've decoupled development of Composite Elements from the Oxygen release cycle. This means we can release new elements frequently and update existing elements quickly.
"Calling Oxygen a page builder is like calling the Mona Lisa a cute little sketch. This is as revolutionary as Dreamweaver was in the 1990s."
Robert Hust

The Changelog

New: Added native CSS grid controls for Sections, Divs, Easy Posts, Repeaters, and Galleries.
New: Added support for Composite Elements library.

Fix: Attributes now work properly when assigned while an element’s class is the active selector
Fix: Deleting styles no longer deletes non-CSS options like Attributes.
Fix: Fixed issue where re-signing shortcodes that contained Oxygen WooCommerce shortcodes while the Oxygen WooCommerce plugin wasn’t active resulted in broken shortcodes
Fix: New Oxygen installs will no longer auto-load unnecessary Oxygen related options
Fix: Corrected issue where making a Gallery element re-usable caused a “photoSwipe is not a function” error
Fix: Corrected issue with Icon Box that caused a Button Area element to be shown in the Structure Pane erroneously in some cases
Fix: Page Width in global Page Settings now overrides global Page Width correctly
Fix: Deleting a span from a Text element no longer deletes all text in that element
Fix: Corrected issue preventing users from saving or changing Easy Posts presets
Fix: “Lock Post in Edit Mode” checkbox is now hidden if Edit Mode is not enabled on the site
Fix: Added delegation to built-in smooth scroll script, correcting issues where dynamically added elements would not trigger smooth scrolling properly
Fix: Corrected “Syntax Error: Token ’<‘ not a primary expression.” error related to Easy Posts presets
Fix: Repeater no longer outputs pagination markup if no pagination is required by the query
Fix: Corrected Edit Mode & Composite Elements license checks to be more reliable.

Tweak: Added “Refresh AOS On Page Load” checkbox to Global Animate On Scroll settings, which can be used to address some scenarios where animations don’t trigger properly
Tweak: Added option to disable ID styling for users with Edit Only access

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do existing customers have to pay for Composite Elements?

If you owned an Oxygen Agency license (or equivalent) before February 12th, 2021, you get Composite Elements for free. Simply activate your Oxygen license as you normally do to gain access to the library.

How much does the Composite Elements library cost?

The Composite Elements library is a subscription based add-on priced at $29.00 per year as of the release of Oxygen 3.7. You can learn more on our pricing page.

What if I cancel my Composite Elements subscription?

All Composite Elements already imported to your site will continue to work. You won't be able to add new Composite Elements from the library.

I already have Oxygen. How do I get 3.7?

Login to your account to download 3.7 at, or upgrade with one click in your WordPress admin panel.

Do I ever have to renew my Oxygen license?

Never. We are serious about lifetime updates.

Can I use Oxygen on my clients' websites?

100% yes. They do not need to buy their own license.

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60 Day Guarantee

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