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What's new in Oxygen 3.3?

Oxygen 3.3 is a bug fix & polish release with some great UI and UX enhancements included.

In This Release

"Edit With Oxygen" Post Row Action
Collapsible Properties Pane
Class Auto-suggestions
Edit Locking
24 Bug Fixes & Tweaks
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"Oxygen just takes things to the next level. Elegant, powerful, and generates both beautiful sites and very clean code."
Albert Nurick

UI/UX Improvements

Focused on quality of life

"Edit With Oxygen" Post Row Action

Jump straight into Oxygen from the WordPress post or page list by using the new "Edit With Oxygen" post row action.

Collapsible Properties Pane

Get full-width previews of your design directly in the builder. No more toggling between tabs.

Class Auto-suggestions

Easily add existing classes to your elements without having to memorize the class names.

Edit Locking

Protect your designs with built-in edit locking while working in multiple tabs or with collaborators.

The Changelog

Enhancement: Added class auto-suggestions when adding classes to elements
Enhancement: Properties/Add pane can now be hidden
Enhancement: Added "Edit with Oxygen" link to post quick actions in WordPress post lists
Enhancement: Implemented edit locking that prevents/discourages multi-user and multi-tab editing in Oxygen

Tweak: Image Alt Text can now be defined in Gutenberg for Oxygen-generated blocks
Tweak: Added animation duration control for Pro Menu desktop dropdowns
Tweak: Post must now be saved before "Edit with Oxygen" button is displayed
Tweak: Portrait breakpoint now previews at -120px below the value it's set at, down to a minimum width of 320px
Tweak: Optimized Conditions code to avoid slowness on sites with large amounts of post categories or tags

Fix: Some leftover AOS code no longer remains after AOS is disabled in Oxygen
Fix: Templates applied to Singular > Posts and Only Taxonomized As All Of The Following > Taxonomy now work properly
Fix: Editing a template applied to a post type with no posts no longer results in an empty Structure Pane
Fix: Apostrophes used in Helper elements no longer break CSS output
Fix: Using certain special characters in Repeater's next/previous pagination text link field no longer breaks Oxygen's shortcodes
Fix: Special characters in URL fields should no longer result in invalid shortcodes
Fix: Related Products element layout controls now whitelisted for breakpoints
Fix: Product Images element's thumbnail gallery now set to overflow: auto to hide scrollbars when they're not needed
Fix: Corrected reference to invalid SVG in WooCommerce add-on
Fix: Corrected "AJAX Timeout Error" messages related to plugin conflicts
Fix: Corrected issue where bad PHP code in a Code Block in an Oxygen-Gutenberg block resulted in breaking WP admin panel
Fix: Corrected issue that resulted in icons changed in Gutenberg not appearing on the front end
Fix: Pro Menu should now work more predictably when resizing the viewport and transitioning between desktop and mobile modes
Fix: It's now possible to disable the Pro Menu desktop dropdown animation
Fix: PHP Notices
Fix: Corrected issue with duplicate Pro Menu presets being created or imported in some circumstances
Fix: Image alt tags are now updated from the media library as long as images were added with the Media Library option
Fix: Post Type and Taxonomy conditions now show Toolset and Pods options
Fix: Made AJAX calls protocol agnostic to avoid errors when site is set to use http:// but the builder is accessed via https://

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am already an Oxygen customer?

Login to your account to download 3.3 at, or upgrade with one click in your WordPress admin panel.

Do I ever have to renew my Oxygen license?

Never. We are serious about lifetime updates.

Can I use Oxygen on my clients' websites?

100% yes. They do not need to buy their own license.

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