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What's new in Oxygen 3.2?

Oxygen 3.2 is a feature release that introduces the Pro Menu element.

Brand New Features

Pro Menu Element
Editable Breakpoints
Global Line Height For Headings
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"Believe me, there's absolutely no other tool more powerful than Oxygen. This is some next-level designing and building for WordPress."
Daniel Felipe

Pro Menu Element

Say goodbye to boring navigation

Extensive Styling Controls

The Pro Menu element is incredibly extensive, with visual styling controls for almost every aspect of the menu.

Animated Dropdowns

Boring dropdowns no longer! Use the built-in Animate on Scroll library to animate your dropdown menus. Flip, slide, zoom, fade, and more.

Custom Dropdown Icons

Use any Oxygen icon (FontAwesome, Linearicons, or your own custom SVG icons) to denote dropdown menus.

Off-Canvas Mobile Menu

Left or right aligned off-canvas menus are built-in to the Pro Menu element. Use Animate on Scroll to animate the menu into view, creating a dynamic experience.

Mobile Dropdown Toggles

Use the Pro Menu's built-in toggle dropdown functionality to make large, multi-level mobile menus easily navigable.

Powerful Presets

The new presets system introduced for the Pro Menu element allows you to easily save the entire element's configuration as a string that can be easily exported & imported for reuse or sharing.

The Changelog

New: Mobile breakpoints are now editable
New: Added global line height control for headings
New: Updated to FontAwesome 5 free
New: Added Pro Menu element
New: Introduced element preset functionality for Pro Menu, including clear styles button and ability to copy styles from ID to class via preset

Tweak: Improved shortcode encoding by centralizing the encoding function
Tweak: Adjusted the way Oxygen handles "blank" shortcodes during save failure to reduce chance of content deletion
Tweak: Updated site installation wizard styles

Fix: Section backgrounds are no longer output inline unless they're set dynamically or via Gutenberg
Fix: WooCommerce cart total element no longer breaks things
Fix: Corrected AJAX timeout error that resulted in issues when using the Product Builder with the Repeater
Fix: Security fix related to shortcode signature verification and other various security fixes
Fix: Fixed issue that caused the Product Builder to load and then disappear
Fix: Taxonomy Term condition now works correctly
Fix: Date & time based conditions now use WordPress local time instead of UTC
Fix: Post Type and Post Parent ID conditions now work properly
Fix: Corrected some instances of "o.indexOf is not a function" error
Fix: Made the color picker circle round again

*Note: This changelog does not include fixes, tweaks, polish, or enhancements for the new features introduced by this release.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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