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Posted on November 6, 2019

Oxygen 3.1 Release Candidate 1 Now Available

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Today we're proud to announce the availability of the release candidate of Oxygen 3.1 and associated add-ons.

Existing customers can login to the customer portal to download the release candidates.

Oxygen 3.1 RC 1 and the associated add-ons have been tested thoroughly and are considered stable enough for use in production environments. We will provide official support for sites running Oxygen 3.1 RC 1. You should always perform a full backup of your site before upgrading to an alpha, beta, or RC version of Oxygen.

Thanks again to everyone who helped test the alpha and beta versions. Please continue to report any bugs you may encounter on GitHub.

Below is a mostly complete changelog of the changes between Oxygen 3.1 beta 1 and Oxygen 3.1 RC 1. A full changelog will be posted when 3.1 final is released.

Polish: Added more style controls for Repeater pagination
Fix: Corrected issue causing get_admin_page_title() to return blog title on plugin admin pages
Fix: Corrected issue with text color in Oxygen meta boxes being black/dark when ACF is active
Fix: Corrected jumpiness in Gutenberg when clicking between elements and a Slider is present


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