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Posted on November 11, 2019

Oxygen 3.1 Now Available

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What's new in Oxygen 3.1?

Oxygen 3.1 is a major release focused on bug fixes & polish.

In This Release

47 Bug Fixes
13 Polish & Enhancements
6 Tweaks
1 New Element: Cart Total for WooCommerce
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“What Oxygen brings to the table for business owners and agencies is just unheard of. This is one hell of a product. All I can say is WOW.”
Steve Crandall

Focused on Stability

We fixed a ton of stuff.

With a huge amount of bug fixes, tweaks, enhancements, and polish, 3.1 continues to further improve Oxygen's usability and stability. We've squashed many long standing and newly introduced bugs, tweaked a few existing elements, snuck in a new Cart Total element for WooCommerce, and more.

We owe a humble thank you to our community of enthusiastic Oxygen users, who have been integral in testing Oxygen and providing invaluable feedback during the development process.

Scroll down to see the entire changelog for Oxygen 3.1.

The Changelog

New: Added Cart Total element for displaying total value of WooCommerce cart

Tweak: Removed Link icon in Properties Pane for the Repeater div
Tweak: Gutenberg placeholder labels for dynamic text elements are now taken from the text element’s name rather than the dynamic data span’s name
Tweak: Internal change to allow better Google Fonts compatibility in the future
Tweak: Increased the default height of the TinyMCE editor in Gutenberg and in the Oxygen editor
Tweak: Prevented preview of non-publicly queryable post types in Oxygen to avoid 404 errors when loading the builder. Can be disabled in Oxygen settings.
Tweak: Changed logic for outputting CSS cache regeneration footer script to avoid script loading where it was not necessary

Polish: Added more style controls for Repeater pagination
Polish: Product Images - added ability to change style of main image border, border radius, box shadow, and opacity
Polish: Checkout - added hover border color control for primary buttons
Polish: Checkout - added controls for border, border radius, box shadow, and top borders on main box elements
Polish: Checkout - added table header controls
Polish: Product Description - removed duplicate tag control
Polish: Product Tabs - added controls for editing the reviews tab styles
Polish: My Account - removed duplicate control
Polish: Checkout - Added padding controls for order background
Polish: Added responsive embed support for Gutenberg embeds

Enhancement: Added a “One” column option under Products List > Layout
Enhancement: Added Pagination to Repeater
Enhancement: Added additional TinyMCE controls for Rich Text elements in Gutenberg

Fix: Exit intent trigger for Modals now works properly in Safari and Firefox
Fix: Corrected issue causing get_admin_page_title() to return blog title on plugin admin pages
Fix: Corrected issue with text color in Oxygen meta boxes being black/dark when ACF is active
Fix: Corrected jumpiness in Gutenberg when clicking between elements and a Slider is present
Fix: Changed min-width media query labels to "at or above" instead of "above" to reflect the behavior of the min-width media queries accurately
Fix: Gallery lightbox now works when Gallery is used via Gutenberg
Fix: Lightboxes now work properly on pages with multiple Gallery elements
Fix: Oxygen blocks now appear in the add block menu on custom post types
Fix: Removed unnecessary code that prevented third-party plugin meta boxes from showing while Oxygen is active
Fix: Made Sliders in Gutenberg behave in a manner that allows easier editing of slide content
Fix: Disabled the clicking of Gallery images in Gutenberg editor
Fix: Improved the placeholder behavior of dynamic content elements in Oxygen on pages that have been converted to Gutenberg
Fix: Product Tabs heading controls now effect comments heading
Fix: Disabled following links/link wrappers in Oxygen builder on click, preventing the browser from attempting to leave the builder while editing linked text
Fix: Corrected errors generated when an Oxygen template containing dynamic ACF fields rendered a post with no ACF content
Fix: It is now possible to retrieve an ACF image that is in a group
Fix: Corrected behavior where copying styled text in Gutenberg to another text element would copy the original element's styles
Fix: Google fonts not used in Manage > Settings > Global Styles should now work properly in Gutenberg designs
Fix: Product Images should now respect the width of its container
Fix: Corrected incorrect antialiasing CSS for typography in Firefox
Fix: Date and Time Conditions now use local time set in WordPress instead of UTC
Fix: Corrected issue where shortcode signature warnings would show in WP admin if dynamic data was used in the Properties Pane and Yoast was active
Fix: Corrected issue where Repeater used inside of reusable part lost its styles
Fix: Inserting Product Images into Product Builder within a Repeater no longer causes 500 error
Fix: Post Type Manager now hides Oxygen Design Set Options meta box as well
Fix: Post Type condition now appears properly in Conditions list
Fix: CSS cache regeneration will no longer fail on posts that contain a Product Images element
Fix: ACF fields now show up properly for posts within a Repeater that have their own ACF fields
Fix: Product Images element should now work properly within a Repeater
Fix: Corrected issue with inaccuracy in Oxygen’s date condition
Fix: Repeater’s in-editor behavior selector should now work properly
Fix: Corrected minor issue with the way Dynamic Data was rendered in the builder preview
Fix: Changing dynamic heading tag should no longer result in disappearance of the Heading element
Fix: Corrected edge case where double clicking a span with a link caused preview layout to change
Fix: Corrected “permalink not available” error when using a Repeater in a Re-Usable Part template
Fix: Corrected issue where Rich Text elements appeared empty when editing them in Gutenberg
Fix: Modal now respects “hidden” setting when builder is reloaded
Fix: Helper elements now work properly inside the Product Builder wrapper
Fix: Corrected issues with dynamic background images in Gutenberg
Fix: Corrected Product Image jitteriness on hover
Fix: Corrected issue where background gradients did not appear in Gutenberg
Fix: Corrected issue where backgrounds set to manual size with no explicit value for height or width did not appear correctly on front end
Fix: Corrected Taxonomy Term condition behavior to work properly
Fix: Made it possible to hide multiple Modal elements in the builder preview
Fix: Corrected media queries to work as their labels indicate
Fix: Gutenberg changes can now be saved if Yoast is active
Fix: Corrected memory error that occurred if a Gutenberg block contained a dynamic data > content element

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