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What's new in Oxygen 3.0?

Oxygen 3.0 is a huge release with three major new features.

Brand New Features

WooCommerce Integration
Gutenberg Integration
Repeater Element
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“What Oxygen brings to the table for business owners and agencies is just unheard of. This is one hell of a product. All I can say is WOW.”
Steve Crandall

WooCommerce Integration

Unprecedented control over the layout and design of your WooCommerce stores

Global WooCommerce Styles

Quickly adjust global styles to make your WooCommerce store match your site's look and feel. Make changes once, make a difference everywhere.

20+ WooCommerce Elements

With a massive collection of WooCommerce elements, you have complete control over the layout and design of product archives, single product pages, and more.

Themeless WooCommerce is Here

Now you can use Oxygen's incredible power to control your WooCommerce store's look & layout. No more relying on cumbersome and expensive themes.

Gutenberg Integration

Design in Oxygen, use and edit in Gutenberg. Client mode has never been so easy

Design in Oxygen

Convert existing sections into Gutenberg blocks, or convert entire pages in seconds.

Edit in Gutenberg

Insert your Oxygen designed blocks into Gutenberg for a silky smooth editing experience.

Ultimate Client Mode

No need to give your clients access to Oxygen. With the Gutenberg integration, clients can make simple content changes directly in the Gutenberg editor.

Repeater Element

A visual loop builder for every occasion

Drag & Drop Design

Design lists of posts the Oxygen way. Quickly and easily create complex layouts using Oxygen elements and controls.

Query Any Post Type

Custom post types, posts, pages - anything can be queried and returned by the Repeater element.

ACF Repeater Integration

The Repeater is built to work with Advanced Custom Fields repeater fields, meaning it's easier than ever to quickly build custom lists of data and return them beautifully in Oxygen.

The Changelog

New: Gutenberg integration
New: WooCommerce integration
New: Repeater element

Fix: Changed Oxygen's AJAX calls to be protocol agnostic
Fix: Corrected non-existent shortcode presence causing blank front end
Fix: Corrected issue that caused elements to move unexpectedly after using "Wrap with Div" in Structure Pane
Fix: Corrected issue where using "Wrap with Div" on top-level elements broke Structure Pane in some cases
Fix: Corrected issue where Columns would break if child of last column div was made to be sibling of column divs
Fix: Corrected issue where rapid duplication of elements resulted in unexpected behavior
Fix: Corrected issue that caused Modals to re-trigger automatically in some cases

*Note: This changelog does not include fixes, tweaks, polish, or enhancements for the new features introduced by this release.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am already an Oxygen customer?

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Do I ever have to renew my Oxygen license?

Never. We are serious about lifetime updates.

Can I use Oxygen on my clients' websites?

100% yes. They do not need to buy their own license.

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