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Posted on June 7, 2019

Oxygen 2.4 Beta 1 Now Available

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Today, we're excited to announce the release of Oxygen 2.4 Beta 1.

2.4 Beta 1 contains various bug fixes as well as polish for the new Conditions feature.

Notable changes include:

  • Only categorized Blocks and Sections are included in the design library.
  • Added 13 new built-in Conditions.
  • Added OR capability to Conditions.
  • Corrected issue that caused ACF WYSIWYG fields to lose their formatting when used in Oxygen.
  • Corrected issue preventing Modals from being closed via touch input.

Existing customers can download the Beta in the customer portal.

To see an overview of the new Conditions feature, check out the Alpha release post at You can also check out our preliminary Conditions documentation at

Below is a mostly complete changelog of the changes made between Oxygen 2.4 Alpha 1 and Oxygen 2.4 Beta 1. This does not include changes made between Oxygen 2.3 and Oxygen 2.4 Alpha 1.

Polish: Added a condition icon in the Structure Pane for elements with conditions enabled
Polish: Adjusted condition icon CSS for Structure Pane
Polish: Applied previous deobfuscation fix to Condition code as well
Polish: Added OR capability to Conditions
Polish: Added dynamic data button for Condition value field when Condition allows user defined values
Polish: Added back button for Dynamic Data modal when launched via Condition value field button
Polish: Added 13 new built-in Conditions

Tweak: Uncategorized Blocks and Sections are no longer included in User Design Sets
Tweak: Improved Time condition accuracy

Fix: Corrected "TypeError: $ is not a function" error
Fix: Corrected issue with code deobfuscation which was negatively impacting performance in some cases
Fix: Corrected issue where Condition wasn't evaluating properly if value was "false"
Fix: Corrected failure of Condition preview in editor for some elements
Fix: Corrected "Failed to Load Template Data" error message when loading empty templates
Fix: Prevented template inheritance loops
Fix: Corrected issue where dynamic data was inserted in wrong value field for Conditions
Fix: Corrected issue where removing a gradient's angle would break the gradient
Fix: Custom selectors, folders, and style sets are now imported properly when importing Oxygen JSON
Fix: Corrected issue where Condition values with apostrophes would break elements
Fix: Formatting is no longer stripped from ACF WYSIWYG fields
Fix: Corrected issue preventing closing modals via touch input
Fix: Further improvements to import of custom selectors, folders, and style sets
Fix: Corrected issue where nesting multiple divs in Modal broke shortcodes

Please note that Alpha and Beta releases of Oxygen should not be used on production sites. We do not provide official support for Alpha or Beta versions of Oxygen. If you encounter bugs, please report them on GitHub.

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