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Posted on May 3, 2019

Oxygen 2.3 Now Available

hello world!

Today we are proud to announce the release of Oxygen 2.3.

Oxygen 2.3 is a significant update with two new features:

  • Modal Element
  • User Design Library

We've also fixed many bugs and added three new design sets.

Existing customers can download Oxygen 2.3 in the customer portal. Oxygen 2.x can also be updated to 2.3 in one click from the Plugins page of the WordPress admin panel.

Watch videos of the new features below, or visit the in-depth overview of Oxygen 2.3 for a more detailed breakdown.

Modal Element

User Design Library

Changes from 2.2 to 2.3

New: User design library
New: Modals element
New: Added new design sets
Tweak: Removed old, unused API code
Fix: Added blank option to Animate On Scroll Disable Below dropdown
Fix: Reusable sub-menu now appears properly in latest version of Chrome
Fix: Improved SSL check for builder preview
Fix: Corrected AssetCleanup conflict
Fix: Shortcode Wrapper now supports hyphens/dashes
Fix: Corrected issue where request for builder preview would fail with some SSL setups
Fix: Corrected "undefined index: id" PHP notice
Fix: Removed "undefined index: param_name" PHP notice
Fix: Removed "You cannot delete root!" message
Fix: Corrected issue where root element could be deleted while deleting orphaned Header Row
Fix: Corrected "r.hasClass is not a function" error
Fix: CSS Cache regeneration will now continue after an AJAX failure
Fix: Prevented orphaning of Header Row element
Fix: Prevented setting Header Row as re-usable
Fix: Prevented setting individual Slides, Tabs, or Tab Contents as reusable
Fix: Corrected intermittent "Provider $parentScope must return a value" error when loading builder
Fix: Special characters no longer break Oxygen's shortcode signatures
Fix: Corrected issue where elements using shortcodes threw invalid shortcode signature error when rendered via Inner Content
Fix: Corrected issue with Transform values being greyed out

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