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Posted on February 21, 2019

Oxygen 2.2 Now Available

hello world!

Today we are proud to announce the release of Oxygen 2.2.

Oxygen 2.2 is a significant update with the following main new features:

  • Scroll Animations
  • Revisions System / Rollbacks
  • Z-Index
  • Blend Modes
  • CSS Transforms
  • Frontend Performance Enhancements
  • Faster Builder Load Time
  • Bloat Eliminator
  • Google Font Weight Chooser
  • UI Enhancements
  • Smooth Scroll to # Links Option

We've also fixed bugs, and polished and enhanced the UI. Among other things, the builder loads faster, the +Add panel is searchable, and warnings are displayed after a migration that requires re-signing shortcodes.

Existing customers can download Oxygen 2.2 in the customer portal. Oxygen 2.x can also be updated to 2.2 in one click from the Plugins page of the WordPress admin panel.

Watch videos of the new features below, or visit the in-depth overview of Oxygen 2.2 for a more detailed breakdown.

Scroll Animations

Revisions System / Rollbacks

Smooth Scroll to Hash Links

Performance Optimization Features (IMG Srcset, Bloat Eliminator, Google Font Weight Chooser)

Z-Index, Blend Modes, Transforms

Expect in-depth how-to tutorials teaching how to create various effects to come in the next two weeks - for now, here's a teaser:

Changes from 2.1 to 2.2

New: CSS Transforms
New: CSS Caching
New: Animate on Scroll
New: Mix Blend Mode
New: Background Blend Mode
New: Revisions System
New: Z-index field
New: Bloat Eliminator
New: Google Fonts Weight/Italic Picker
New: Smooth Scroll to Hash Links
New: Image Srcset
New: Added new design sets
Enhancement: Various load time optimizations for the builder
Enhancement: Oxygen now displays a warning when shortcodes need to be resigned
Enhancement: Oxygen now displays a warning when permalinks need to be resaved
Enhancement: Added search to +Add pane
Enhancement: Added checkbox under Oxygen > Settings to enable CSS fixes for flexbox layouts in Internet Explorer 10+
Enhancement: Posts using a template with no Inner Content element will now show an "Edit Template" button instead of "Edit with Oxygen"
Enhancement: Improved settings indicator light consistency
Enhancement: Added option to use Google Fonts via CSS only instead of Webfont.js
Tweak: Modularized several dropdowns in UI
Tweak: Removed page settings cache
Tweak: Cleaned up front end HTML output
Tweak: Google Fonts list now cached
Tweak: Various compatibility adjustments to accommodate free version of Oxygen
Tweak: Updated Typekit/Adobe Fonts instructions link in Oxygen settings
Tweak: Added CSS and admin notice to indicate that themes are not being used while Oxygen is active
Tweak: Oxygen now generates universal.css upon activation
Tweak: Moved "Force Disable Google Fonts" to Bloat Eliminator tab
Tweak: Corrected heading on Oxygen > Export & Import page
Tweak: Removed some unnecessary API calls
Tweak: Optimized URL obfuscation code
Tweak: Cached Google fonts are now loaded with AJAX on the backend
Fix: Corrected console error when adding a class using the enter key
Fix: Corrected issue with CSS being output in the builder when using Comments List element
Fix: WP Views dynamic data option no longer appears when no WP Views are available
Fix: IndexOf undefined console error corrected
Fix: Fixed a post relationship problem with Toolset
Fix: Corrected issues when using Global Colors with Easy Posts
Fix: Corrected some empty CSS output for Social Icons and Easy Posts elements
Fix: Corrected issue where preview dropdown limit was not actually limiting the preview dropdown list
Fix: Default site install now only loads classes that are being used in pages and templates
Fix: Gutenberg compatibility fix for missing Oxygen meta box
Fix: Additional meta box fix for WordPress 5.x.x
Fix: Correct user now listed as author when installing sites on multisite setups
Fix: Two or more Gallery elements on the same page now work correctly
Fix: Masonry Gallery layout no longer ignores thumbnail resolution
Fix: Code Block no longer outputs empty script or style tags
Fix: Corrected issue where mobile menu would break when certain Header Builder sticky configurations were used
Fix: Easy Posts now properly resets global $post
Fix: Corrected issue where importing duplicate Oxygen JSON data caused corruption of Oxygen settings
Fix: Corrected console errors when inserting Slider and Social Icons elements
Fix: Added check for existing element before creating a new one
Fix: Corrected issue where invalid CSS in Custom CSS field of element could break the builder
Fix: Gradients now work for custom selectors
Fix: Global colors are now included in Oxygen export JSON
Fix: Removed incorrect reference to comment-form.css file
Fix: Corrected "cannot read 'parent' of undefined" console errors related to elements using non-existent classes
Fix: Corrected issue if accidentally clicking “Confirm & Install" multiple times while installing a design library site
Fix: Corrected bug related to global colors assigned to media query in certain cases
Fix: Corrected issue that prevented dragging to re-order elements inside an Inner Content area in certain cases

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