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Posted on September 24, 2018

Oxygen 2.1 Beta 1 Now Available

hello world!

Today we are proud to announce the release of the first beta of Oxygen 2.1.

Join our Facebook group to download the beta.

You don't need to be a customer to get the beta version. It is available for free. Of course, once 2.1 final is released, you'll need to purchase Oxygen to continue using it.

Read on to see what new features are coming to Oxygen 2.1.

Global Colors

Toolset Types & Views w/ Oxygen:

Advanced Custom Fields w/ Oxygen

Header Builder (New Overlay & Sticky Options In 2.1)

Sliders (New Full Screen Options in 2.1)

Background Gradients

Post Type Manager

HTML5 Tag Choices

Shortcode Wrapper Element


Since releasing the alpha, we’ve polished the newly introduced features and fixed many bugs.

Below is a mostly complete changelog listing the changes between the 2.1 alpha and the 2.1 beta. This does not include fixes made between 2.0 and the 2.1 alpha. A complete changelog will be published when 2.0 final is released.

Polished: fixes and polish for Global Colors functionality introduced in 2.1 alpha
Polished: fixes and polish for Advanced Custom Fields integration introduced in 2.1 alpha
Polished: fixes and polish for Toolset integration introduced in 2.1 alpha
Polished: fixes and polish for new Header Builder settings introduced in 2.1 alpha
Polished: fixes and polish for Slider enhancements introduced in 2.1 alpha
Polished: fixes and polish for Role Manager introduced in 2.1 alpha
Polished: fixes and polish for Background Gradient introduced in 2.1 alpha

Enhancement: Added "Force Disable Google Fonts" setting
Enhancement: Changed behavior of Code Block rendering in the visual editor to better simulate the frontend

Tweak: Fixed typo “above” media query settings
Tweak: Various security improvements
Tweak: Moved SVG Sets, Typekit and License screens to Oxygen > Settings
Tweak: Changed Oxygen > “Export/Import” to “Export & Import”
Tweak: Moved static CSS for some components to component-framework/style.css
Tweak: Oxygen logo displayed in WP admin is no longer hotlinked from our servers (privacy enhancement)

Newly Broken: Widget rendering in the visual editor. Sorry. We’ll fix it before 2.1 final obviously.

Fix: Page width now defined for pages that have no template
Fix: Shortcodes in text elements no longer break the editor
Fix: Added try/catch to prevent depth issue with Column elements
Fix: Network Super Admin can now access Oxygen on child sites
Fix: Inner Content shortcodes are now parsed to get Google Fonts references
Fix: Embed_src now works for dynamic data elements
Fix: Text shadow at 0px vertical/horizontal offset now renders on front end
Fix: Apostrophe in widget title no longer breaks page
Fix: Added third argument to save_post action
Fix: Preview dropdown is now populated for templates applied to singular posts with specific taxonomies
Fix: Reusable parts containing tabs now display properly when inserted as “Single”
Fix: sometimes Edit Template link wouldn't appear in admin bar
Fix: Sticky Header gap when WordPress admin bar is hidden below 600px viewport width corrected
Fix: Mobile menu drop downlinks now appear correctly
Fix: Flex-grow and flex-shrink now work when applied to a class
Fix: Easy Posts now returns posts when specifying page IDs
Fix: Global heading font size unit symbols now change correctly
Fix: Slider insert outside of section or div on post no longer breaks templates
Fix: Reusable part shortcodes can now be copied to other reusable part templates
Fix: Reusable parts containing Dynamic Data > Featured Image no longer display broken shortcode
Fix: Reusable part rendering various issues
Fix: Can now set menu icon color again
Fix: Menu link hover now works again
Fix: Setting video element with dynamic data
Fix: Many WP_DEBUG Notices

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