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Posted on March 18, 2022

New Composite Elements: Video Playlist, Image Accordion, Logo Slider, Breadcrumb

hello world!

Today, we're releasing four new elements for the Composite Elements library.

Video Playlist

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Inspired by our very own tutorials layout, the Video Playlist allows you to display a clickable list of YouTube videos. Performance wise, this element's impact is minimal, because it uses a single iframe and swaps the videos out when the video titles are clicked in the list. This means that only one video is loaded initially, reducing the impact of the YouTube embeds on your site's loading time.

Image Accordion

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The Image Accordion is a stylish way to present multiple images, and it's built dynamically with our Repeater element, meaning you can use this element to display a list of posts or other custom post type with their featured images taking the primary focus. This element also features dynamically linked post titles when an image is expanded.

Logo Slider

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The Logo Slider is a CSS-only implementation of an infinite logo slider, allowing you to display a number of logos in motion without negatively impacting your site's performance with extra JavaScript.


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The Breadcrumb element dynamically displays navigation allowing you to easily navigate from a child page to any ancestor page. It also features a configurable root link, which is useful for places like our documentation where we use this element to help visitors navigate between child pages and ancestors.

To learn more about using and configuring these new elements, please visit the Composite Elements documentation.

These elements are now available for anyone who has access to the Composite Elements Library.

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