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Posted on October 1, 2018

Community Roundup #6

hello world!

The Official Oxygen User Group in Facebook has over 4,500 users! (Facebook)

... and there are now about 900 members in the Slack Chat. Also, did you know there’s an official Oxygen Twitter page (@RealOxygenApp)?

Price increase with Oxygen 2.1 (Facebook)

“PSA: When we release 2.1 final we are gonna raise the price. Maybe a lot. We'll probably test some different prices to figure out what makes us the most money over the long term. If you want the $99 deal, this is your chance.”

Bug Reports Needed for the Oxygen 2.1 Beta (Facebook)

If you are using the 2.1 Beta and encountering something you think might be a bug, report it.

Don't assume someone else already reported it.

Facebook is not the right place to post bug reports. Obviously, if you want to discuss it on Facebook, you can post about it there, but if you want it fixed, it needs to be reported at either:

Sridhar Katakam Launches Premium Tutorials

Sridhar recently launched a paid membership option on his site, where he provides premium tutorials and screencasts about how to develop custom website solutions using Oxygen. He’s currently offering lifetime access for a one-time payment of $99. The cost includes a members-only forum where users can request new tutorials and more.

The rate he's adding new tutorials is astounding. You can see the list here.

Supa Mike Tips and Tutorials

  • Scroll Animations With Scrollout (Facebook, web)
  • How to Fix the Gap Problem on Mobile View (Facebook, web)—Includes a great tip to outline all elements on the page
  • How to Add an Image Comparison Slider (Facebook, web)
  • How to Animate the Submenu (Facebook, web)

David Browne Tips and Tutorials

  • Plugins to Customize Restrict Content Pro or Easy Digital Downloads on Oxygen Sites (Facebook, Slack)
  • Plugin to Add Sub Menu Toggle Functionality to Oxygen Sites (Facebook, web)

Wade Koehn Tips and Tutorials

  • Custom Loop Example With WordPress/Oxygen/Metabox (Facebook, web)
  • Event Archive Custom Post Type Using Metabox/Oxygen (Facebook, web)

Miscellanous Tips

  • Adding a background image to text with a clipping mask in CSS (Facebook)
  • Creating a vertical (rotated) menu using CSS transforms (Facebook)
  • Local web server application recommendations (Facebook)
  • Insert dynamic values into shortcode fields (Facebook)

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