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Posted on September 7, 2018

Community Roundup #5

hello world!

Welcome to another Oxygen community roundup!

Sridhar Katakam’s paid membership site (Facebook, web)

Anyone who has spent time in the official Facebook Group and Slack Chat has experienced how helpful Sridhar Katakam is to the Oxygen community. He’s created dozens of tutorials and frequently offers help and advice to community members.

Sridhar recently launched a paid membership option on his site, where he provides premium tutorials and screencasts about how to develop custom website solutions using Oxygen. He’s currently offering lifetime access for a one-time payment of $99. The cost includes a members-only forum where users can request new tutorials and more.

The members-only tutorials posted so far include:

  • Custom Carousel Using ACF Pro and Owl in Oxygen (web)
  • Custom Angled Section in Oxygen (web)
  • How to Display Taxonomy Terms in Oxygen (web)
  • How to Password Protect Entire WordPress Site (web)
  • Introduction to Flexbox in Oxygen (web)
  • How to Add a Link to Templates on Oxygen Template Edit Screens (web)

More Sridhar Katakam Tutorials and Tips:

  • How to Change the Expand and Collapse Icons in Oxygen's Toggle Element (web)
  • Tip: Set a background image to remain in the center of the page when zooming out (Advanced > Background > set Left and Top to 50%) (Facebook)

Supa Mike Tutorials:

  • Very Simple Parallax Background Effect (Facebook, web)
  • Add a Flipbox Effect to the Superbox Element (Facebook, web)
  • +40 Image Hover Effects for Your Galleries (Facebook, web)

David Browne Quick Video Demos

  • Adding an image to the site background with a custom selector (Facebook, Vimeo)

Showcase of Oxygen Websites (Facebook, web)

Jeremy Tobias launched Built With Oxygen, a website that showcases sites built with... you guessed it... Beaver Builder, Elementor, and Divi. 😉

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