Now is your last chance to buy a lifetime license before we switch to annual pricing. Existing licenses will be unaffected.
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Posted on October 29, 2018

$99 Unlimited Site Lifetime Licenses Are Back

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PLEASE NOTE: Oxygen v3 was released on the 3rd September 2019, along with our WooCommerce add-on and our Gutenberg add-on. These add-ons are not included with the purchase of Oxygen for $99. You can see our pricing here.

Oxygen is now just $99 US for a lifetime, unlimited site developer license.

If you were put off by the new higher prices last week, we're sorry! You can now get Oxygen for the original pricing - $99 for an unlimited site license, with lifetime updates and support.

I already bought for $129/$149/$199 - can I get a refund for the difference?
Yes! In fact, you don’t even have to ask. Refunds have already been issued to your original method of payment, and your license has also been upgraded to the unlimited site license.

Why the price change?
We've sold a ton of Oxygen licenses for $99. When we released 2.1, we wanted to test new higher prices to see if we'd make more money. So, we tested a price point of $199 for unlimited sites for the last 10 days. Based on the test, we concluded the optimal price was actually $149. However, we don't want to do another pricing test right after the last one, so the price is back to $99, for now.

When are you going raise the price again?
As soon as we can. We're going to be testing the $149 price point for an unlimited site license relatively soon - maybe in a month, maybe in a week - and if that is successful, then we aren't going to put the price back to $99, ever.

Also, as more features are added to Oxygen, we think it will make sense to charge higher prices. Once we have a great WooCommerce integration and our design library has many more design sets, it's unlikely the price will still be at $99, or even $149.

Basically, as soon as it makes good business sense for us to raise the price, we will do it.

Will there be any Black Friday / Halloween specials?
No. Oxygen sells a lot right now, so there's no reason to lower the price for us. Plus, it's not fair to existing customers who paid the list price - so if you're an existing customer or thinking about buying, you can rest assured the price you pay for Oxygen today is the lowest price it will ever be available to the general public for in the future.

What about the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee? Does that stay?
Yes. When we raised the prices, we also extended the money back guarantee to 60 days. Even though we’ve put the price back at $99, the money back guarantee period is still 60 days. We’re very confident in our product and only want to keep someone’s money if they absolutely love the product, so we're leaving the guarantee at 60 days. In fact, if our payment processors let us offer an even longer guarantee, we would.

Get Oxygen for $99.

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