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    There should be unlimited undos for all actions, not just one-step undo for deletions.

    And revisions like in the WordPress editor, which all other builders support and is a huge drawback to having everything done your way without much interaction with the core wordpress.


    Wayne Brown

    Great Idea, I have ran into the problem of a mistake a few changes back and messed everything up because I could not backtrack.

    A must have addition for oxygen



    Bryan Bemis

    I agree completely. After playing with Elementor, I definitely miss the ability to undo everything since the start of a session. In Oxygen, this would really help to give the freedom to experiment with layouts and styling.


    Zdenek Holy

    Voting for this feature as well .






    In Elementor you have 2 types of back-history - Revisions (all the saves provided by WP) and actions (ability to undo your actions in the same editing session). It would be great if O2 provides these as well, as the current state is devastating - changing paddings with "apply to all" requires that you first remember the old values and then go and edit all of them back - not nice 🙂


    Kim Døfler


    For revisions history and the keyboard shortcut CMD + Z
    Coming from Divi I find myself hitting the shortcut instinctively all the time when playing around with Oxygen 2.0


    Deividas Paulauskas

    + 1 for undo and revisions


    Guido 't Hooft

    +1 a must have




Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 105 total)

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