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    Belinda Francis

    I am already a massive fan of All Import/All Export and bought into Oxygen Builder based on that. Loads of great stuff in there and having great fun playing with it but, I can see what may or not be an opportunity to improve it for those who want to create turnkey sites that they can edit simply and roll out for other clients.

    1. Love the Global Colours, CSS Classes etc. As a user of WP All Import I see how good it would be to be able to both deny clients access to Oxygen while at the same time allowing them to use some kind of Customizer (like the default theme customizer in WP) to choose their colours and fonts; logo and favicon. Pinegrow does this but I see no easy upgrade path there. That means Oxygen can plug a gap in the market as Oxygen does pretty much everything else that Pinegrow does.

    2. Reusable elements are fantastic, but not accessible unless we allow clients access to Oxygen. And we've all come done for breakfast to those "Sorry - I broke my site - need you to fix it asap" emails.... So being able to lock the main templates and allow reusable elements to be accessed by clients would be a huge bonus.

    3. All Import/Export integration into reusable elements. Say I create a pet rescue site with ACF or Types and Views with reusable elements. How great would it be if Oxygen were to be able to simply identify those custom fields so pulling them in with All Import and exporting them with All Export was easy....

    4. WooCommerce All Import and All Export. If a developer could create a WooCommerce site with custom fields and use them in Oxygen, how great would it be to be able to get Oxygen to identify the fields used and be able to export them in csv format in a way that All Export would recognise? Only relevant fields would then be exported making it easy to create a csv for import to a new client site.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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