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    Red Gotham Wolf

    Here's our new company site. We built it with Oxygen 2.0. Tell us what you think:


    Alexander Buzmakov

    Hey. Nice work!

    For your design, I would recommend making the first block full screen:


    Red Gotham Wolf

    Thanks, APB! We'll fix that.


    Red Gotham Wolf

    We've redesigned our company site to reflect our shift in business direction. We also built it using Oxygen 2.1. Check it out now & tell us what you think:


    Cay Lunden

    I think you to some extent destroyed the really nice italic Garamond font by setting it adjusted so that the text falls flush with both margins. That font should be set with a flush left margin (left-aligned) and ragged right margin. Then the so-called "waterfalls" in the middle of the column will disappear. And the impression will be more professional. It will also make the text easier to read.

    I also think the text-blocks set in Montserrat should have the same justification, especially for mobile screens. Please take a look at your text on a smartphone, then you will discover it yourself. And the Montserrat font could also be one step lighter. Bold fonts will mostly not work well in heavy text-blocks. Alternatively one step lighter color.

    Please don´t forget the negative space or the white space. The look and feel would have been more pleasing with a bit wider margins and line space. However, The line spacing for the Garamond font is just good.

    Images would also improve the overall impression. Maybe in the header or on the top of the colored blocks. I think images will make people stay longer on a page. That was mine 2c.

    Good luck!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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