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  • #27257 GmbH

    I'm using Ninja Forms (it's a free plugin) and added a form via shortcode: [ninja_form id=1]
    I've tried adding it with a "text" element and a "rich text" element, both react the same...

    As long as I stay on the Oxygen page, everything is fine. But when I go back to admin and open the page in Oxygen again (to which I added the Ninja Form form to), the editor hangs. It just stops loading. No error in console.
    The shortcode I see in the page looks like this:

    [ct_new_columns ct_sign_sha256='b36c61d861ccc75a21aa8a1c554f6b622245e65e347634419dc7ae3be07ed94d' ct_options='{"ct_id":2,"ct_parent":0,"selector":"new_columns-2-2"}'][ct_div_block ct_sign_sha256='080ced7f7ba1f22f64b516eb447436c358d69831d4953b4e9efacbe7df8097ec' ct_options='{"ct_id":3,"ct_parent":2,"selector":"div_block-3-2","original":{"width":"70","width-unit":"%"},"activeselector":false}'][oxy_rich_text ct_sign_sha256='2e178d7c4bdf9c9a0d72ffe1b13a38e2c8834ce83370c5e22a39e1c335bf33db' ct_options='{"ct_id":10,"ct_parent":3,"selector":"_rich_text-10-2","original":{"font-size":"28","font-weight":"700"},"activeselector":false}']
      <li id="headline-5-2" class="ct-component ct_headline ct-headline ct-active ct-highlight" contenteditable="true" draggable="false" spellcheck="true"><h1>2x2 VIP-Tickets FQ19</h1><li contenteditable="true" draggable="false" spellcheck="true"><h1>10 Schatzibags</h1><li contenteditable="true" draggable="false" spellcheck="true"><h1>10 Festivaldecken</h1>
    [/oxy_rich_text][ct_text_block ct_sign_sha256='0ccb4f86dfc01362c24b4ffa2e9875a92761e2371a2e05c55a8986e3a97ea3d5' ct_options='{"ct_id":11,"ct_parent":3,"selector":"text_block-11-2"}']Für die Teilnahme zur Hauptpreisverlosung bitte ausfüllen[/ct_text_block][ct_text_block ct_sign_sha256='ac994957d8f3e2dde58e75e3d3dee0ed265caedd6ab585ecb3a4407bcb61dde9' ct_options='{"ct_id":15,"ct_parent":3,"selector":"text_block-15-2"}'][ninja_form id=1][/ct_text_block][/ct_div_block][ct_div_block ct_sign_sha256='4ca969c9efd461005bbce8a9389c63a6784e091e2bd55e8695c88b14ac962042' ct_options='{"ct_id":4,"ct_parent":2,"selector":"div_block-4-2","original":{"width":"30","width-unit":"%"},"activeselector":false}'][oxy_rich_text ct_sign_sha256='e12ef8aac4ba4d31131402ccd0ddfdd2404240667cc2b120cb4d811ae6289b04' ct_options='{"ct_id":13,"ct_parent":4,"selector":"_rich_text-13-2","original":{"color":"#ffffff"},"activeselector":false}']<p>> Teilnahmebedingungen<br /> </p><h3>Sofortgewinne in der Schatzizone am FQ18:</h3><h3>Mach ein lustiges Selfie und poste unter #bininstpschatzi & #fq18</h3><h3>Die lustigsten Selfies werden im St. Pölten Konkret veröffentlicht.</h3>[/oxy_rich_text][/ct_div_block][/ct_new_columns]

    I've also tried other shortcodes which don't seem to have this any help is appreciated...


    Richard FItzsimmons

    What happens if you add it using a shortcode element? ( Add->Wordpress->Shortcode )

    I use Ninja Forms too, so I'm hoping it works ok.



    I came here to report exact same issue - it also happens with Caldera Forms shortcode.



    Use the +Add > WordPress > Shortcode element.

    Don't put shortcodes in text elements.

    #37554 GmbH

    Thanks for that, seems to work. Problem is on a production site, so can't test it on the real page as 2.1 is still beta...




    I have not had crashing with using Ninja, but I do notice that whether you use Shortcode Wrapper, or Shortcode, they do not render in the Oxygen editor on the back-end. Anyone else notice this? The form shows fine when using Contact Form 7, but not Ninja. Just wondering...



    I also have ninja forms drop also for no reason.

    works great than all of a sudden will stop working on front end.

    sometimes it will render in the editor sometimes it wont.

    using 2.1 version.


    Maggie Duval

    I'm having the same issue. Use shortcode wrapper, then shortccode. Shows up in the visual editor for a minute. Then, I click on "Style Element" and the elements disappear in the visual editor (but still seen in the Structure Menu, and message comes up in the Section Editor, "click elements to see the selectors." But they've vanished! This is in Chrome Version 72.0.3626.109 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Mac PowerBook. Also happens in Firefox Quantum 65.0.1 (64-bit) and Safari 12.0.2 (14606.3.4). Oxygen v. 2.1 (rolled back from 2.2 because editor wasn't loading at all). Truly frustrating.


    Milds Dixon

    Page not foud appears in browser tab although I see the site.... Oxygen dont allow me to edit

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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