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    Tom O'Rourke

    I've just tried to migrate a site I've built with Oxygen using the 'all in one wp migration' plugin. However, after importing the site file, all of the pages are entirely blank, with nothing on them. All of the pages have imported, all the media has imported, etc. However, every page is blank, like it is when you completely start from scratch?

    Any suggestions?


    Mel Haynes

    I just ran into the same problem. Would love to figure out whats going on. The shortcodes are still there for the pages if that helps


    Mel Haynes

    found the solution for me on the Facebook forums. If you go to the Oxygen settings tab and uncheck "Check Oxygen's shortcodes for a valid signature before executing." the problem is resolved. Hope this helps anyone with the same problem.


    Tom O'Rourke

    Thanks Mel. Do I uncheck that box before doing the export? Or do I uncheck that box after doing the import?



    I had the same with Duplicator. After the move I did: Oxygen settings -> security -> sign all shortcodes and that did the trick for me. Just resign the shortcodes to make everything visible again.


    Richard Anderson

    Oh my goodness!
    You saved my life.. I was literally just about to jump out the window, as I thought I was going to need to manually recreate all my templates and pages!


    Scott Fotheringham

    For those reading through this later on, do NOT disable shortcode signature checking. It's there as a security measure since Oxygen's code blocks allow PHP code.

    You do not want this feature disabled.

    Use Lourens' solution (2 replies before mine). That's the correct and safe solution.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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